Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The one where I am sorry I haven't been more consistent

Okay so I finished the third work and the glory and I am sorry I haven't written more about it. So in a nut shell; Rebecca dumps her sorry boyfriend for not being friendly towards the church, Jessica moves back to Missouri, then Mathew moves up there. Jessica gets remarried and she becomes the step-mother of two boys. Then the rest of the Steed family moves up there, except for Melissa cause she kind of falls away becuase of her stupid boyfriend(did she learn nothing from the bible, marry in the covenant!) Joshua has a baby girl and when he goes with a team to deliver stuff he decides to go to Missouri to see how his family is doing(I forgot how he knew they were there) but they didn't recognize him. So then later his wife goes to see her husband's family because she believes her daughter should be able to know her grandparents. Then she comes home becuase she knew she should have asked Joshua's permission(there is no way I would have done that, I can do whatever the heck I want). Then Nathan went to visit him, but Joshua's wife and children were already on the way back to see the rest of the Steeds. Nathan told Joshua he forgave him and he should come see his family so then they came back. Father Steed was still mad a Joshua and hated when people said his name so Lydia, Nathan's wife, asked Joseph to come talk to the WHOLE Steed family and just when the family thought Joseph was going to leave, Joseph opened the door to let Nathan and Joshua in. Father Steed gave Joshua a hug and then the book ended. I know I was so mad! Well Emily, are you happy now? I have to go advisors is almost over!
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