Monday, January 28, 2013

the one with my thanks

i want to thank everyone for helping me
try to win the contest by emily giffin
unfortunately, i was beat by someone with over 300 votes
but thank you for all your help!

it really did mean a lot
that you would take the time to help me

and true to my word
i'm prepping to repay you

i took a list, 
in the order facebook had it,
and ran it through
here are the winners!

That means
Kira Hyde
Markham Hyde
Chris West
Kamie Herrera
and Becca Brown!

let me know,
by any form of communication-
i also accept smoke signals,
if you would like a baked good
or a pinterest craft!

and again thank you sooo much for your support!

elliemurphy [@] live [dot] com
facebook or my cellphone works too
please let me know by friday, or i'll have to pick someone else
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