Friday, February 26, 2010

the one with no words

I had no words.
the case isn't here yet, 
but i ordered it tonight!

thank you
mom and dad!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the one where you're going to want tissues

january 30, 2010
i was at my aunt's house
i was doing homework, a shocker i know
while she was blog jogging

she started to cry and i asked if there was anything i could do
she shared this story with me
at the time there was no happy ending
he was in the hospital and we didn't know if he'd make

february 14, 2010
while at my aunt emily's for dinner
she started a video for my gramie to see
her whole family had already seen it

i came in and recognized faces
and went over to see this miracle
[play video now]

february 19, 2010
seeing this still makes me cry
the orange at the end really makes me lose it
orange was nathan's favorite color
every time i see it i think of him

a little part of me wanted to ask why nathan wasn't here
but i knew Heavenly Father has a plan
and i can't even start to understand it
and for now, i'm okay with that

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the one with the ugly sweater dance

so not the most exciting dance ever
but great opportunity to take pictures

becca in halee's car on the way to the dance
marilyn, my 'mother' here at school
and bradley practicing his model pose


alex duty, marilyn's brother-in-law
derek was dancing, at least i hope that's what he was doing
nathan christensen, best ugly sweater of the night
and justin, just incredible throwing the peace

david burton, one of my favorite people
i want to marry the guy in the blue shirt
why? because he managed to somehow get into most of my pictures
and later told me i looked good that night
my friend mark was teaching krystal how to breakdance

the music was tons better than the halloween dance
but i just didn't feel in the dancing mood
zach and michael were pretty much in charge the whole night
brother matt tittle, dean of student life, stopped in to say hi up there
oh, we're facebook friends too

i don't know the two guys on the left side
but the guy in the red shirt is in my doctrine and covenants class
his name is zech, he's pretty cool
michael and kiya mcConnell are dancing in the top pciture
in the third picture is my friend michael oakford


mostly just becca and halee dancing


steven myers, such a funny guy
matt polifka and his friend ran a photo booth
it was so much fun
and it was zach duty's idea, he's married to marilyn and his brother is alex

will has always been a really good guy
sitting with me at devotional so i wasn't all alone
leading me through a hecka scary maze
and now he's dating my relief society president

important news
all my editing is a pain with out a proper mouse
so that's why it's taken me so long but
thanks to my favorite mother int he whole entire world
who is sending me a package 
i'm getting my mouse back, so tons more posts coming soon

Friday, February 12, 2010

the one where...

maybe it's because valentine's is just around the corner
and once again i am all by myself

maybe it's beacuse once again
i tried out for a talent show
and once again didn't get a call back

maybe it's something else
but for once i need to come out on top

Friday, February 5, 2010

the one with wednesday, of last week

I am in love with taking pictures
of freaking everything!

there are some random people
from my public speaking class
but i know a couple of them.

in fact the two guys,
in the bottom right picture,
ran into me a the grocery store
last night.

we had tons of fun
just being stupid college kids
they introduced me to a new cereal
it's called blueberry muffin tops
[more to come on that story later] 

 the old guy, he's hilarious!
his name is brother newman,
he's a teacher here at the school
but the best part-we're facebook friends

that's a wrap!

Monday, February 1, 2010

the one with devotional

aren't you proud of me?
i've updated my blog more times
in the past couple days
than i have in the past couple months

so here's the dish. 
i freaking love devotionals
when i don't go i always end up regretting it

i was a paparazzi at devotional
i was taking pictures right and left

i saw my friend derek and decied to take a picture of him
little did i know that my other friend chelsea was in it
let alone my friend caryn was looking right at me

after i snapped a picture of my friend will
he insisted he take a picture of me
now mind you i had a mini heart attack as he asked
this camera is my baby
but really will is one of those guys you trust
....with your life

oh and that dress i'm wearing
it's new originally close to like $50
$15 purchase baby!

these people, my readers,
makes up student council

the first picture is posed, they posed themselves
david stauffer and zach always make me smile
jen bradley karlissa, pretty chill people
david burton is the coolest

matt tittle, oh how hilarious he is
and did i mention we share a deep love for 80's music
too bad he's married and has beautiful kids
henery, the camera man, and i met
in the admissions office while i volunteered
sam, makes my heart smile.
i want a guy to talk about me the way
he talks about the girl he's in love with
sister dunn, she's freaking amazing. 
she was the devotional speaker
she's also my stake president's wife

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