Sunday, September 11, 2011

I was 11

ten years ago today i was eleven
it was tuesday
i had gotten up and gone to school
just like any other day

i was wearing a camel colored shirt
and camel flowered pants
and i'm pretty sure i was wearing
brown clunkers
and my hair was probably in a pony tail

i knew nothing of any of the events
until i was at lunch
a teacher came and told me my mom
was in the office and i needed to go see her

she asked me if i knew what was going on
if i had heard about low flying planes
i looked at her funny and said no
she gave me a hug and said she'd get me after school

i went back to lunch
and told my 'friends' that my mom
had told me planes had been flying low
in albany, ga [my dad was out of town there]

mom had told us that sunday
that we were watching too much tv
and didn't want us to turn it on at all that week

when i got home i heard all about it
i remember abusing the new rule mom had set
as long as i watching news about 9/11
i could watch tv

i still think about them
i think about united 93
i think about all the family left behind
i think about these men

i love finding out more about the events
and fully understanding what happened
i love united 93 [the movie]
i love let's roll [the book]
and i'm working on the 9/11 commission report

i wish this hadn't happened
i wish that these people were still here today
but this is the next best thing

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