Friday, January 20, 2012

[pinterest] craft day, or weekend

my friend krista organized this craft day last weekend
after much drama they were ready to go around 9
but my lazy behind didn't get there til 11
and then i was hooked so i kept crafting
all weekend and into the week

the inspiration for this was a set of four blocks
but all my wood was being used for something else
and i found these super cute, small canvases

i found this on pinterest and fell in love
super easy and fun to make
this one's for mom

i started this at craft day with elmer's glue
cause that's what the pin said
 but it's a lie! use fabric paint
it's easier, dries faster and more fun

i painted this one too
but i didn't write the quote til later
i'm addicted to filling my life with good quotes
and i loved this from the help

so i don't remember what i thought it was
but i looked it up and i loved it!
it reminds me to listen to the holy ghost
and not argue or rationalize why not to listen

i found this quote and i really liked it
and i wanted to have it up for me to see it

i had this canvas that i painted a long time ago
but i didn't like it, i thought it looked crappy
so i took this opportunity to repaint it
my plan was just to make it white,
and it was so dark that it took three coats
and then my plan was just to make grass
but my blonde came out and
instead of mixing blue with yellow
i mixed it with white
and after i did the green i didn't want to mess it up
so for now this is what it looks like

i have some more but i don't want
to show it before i give it to people
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