Sunday, November 23, 2008

The one with today

Today was jam packed full of fun! I went to the nutcracker with some of my family! It was a great way to start off the season. After lunch, that wasn't all that great-for me at least-we went to some junior high in davis county. While we were there I went to the bathroom in the faculty bathroom...i felt like i was breaking the rules it was so much fun. They had a nice little sitting area before the bathroom with some really good lotion. This was sam's game! He's so good, he's either gonna me in Soccer or Basketball, professionally that is. Keep an eye out for him. So I took frontrunner back into salt lake and i got bored waiting for it so i decided to have fun taking pictures. I bought the tiara and a matching wand, not pictured, for two dollars a the nutcracker cause I wanted one dang it! I got some pretty good looks from people while I was wearing :). It was becca's birthday and her mom was nice enough to treat us with applebee's via gift card! It was so good. We got the 2 for $20 deal and it was so worth it. Appetizer-onion rings, Entree-(becca)bacon cheeseburger and (me) chicken fingers( i haven't had them in forever so don't judge me). And I got some of the waiters to sing her happy birthday but of course i didn't think to pull out my camera...i'm getting used to being the sole photo-taker, i want my mom to come take pictures for me. And did you know that when you tell them it's you're celebrating your birthday they desert for them is free! I didn't know that, so don't make fun of me. Oh and p.s. My hair looks way good and I don't know if you do this but when I look at pictures I notice my hair and i was def having a good hair day today. And my eyelashes look marvelous if i do say so myself. You have to accentuate the postives right?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The one where I am so freaking depressed!

Obama won and let's just say I am so freaking mad! Way to go America, run our country further into the ground-cause it's not far enough now is it? We'll just leave the rest unsaid. So the only good things about today were is that I got free Ben an Jerry's Ice Cream and it hailed! I took a video!
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