Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The one where I love tip junkie!

When I get online I usually check my facebook, my gmail, my live email, and then go to my blog. When I get to my blog I check for comments and then start going down the side to check my faves and my family. When I got down to tip junkie I saw some giveaways! Who doesn't like giveaways? I saw this one for a way cool backpack from landsend. The contest is from What's that smell? And I can't wait to add them to my faves!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The one where things start to get scary!

I leave in exactly four weeks! AHHHH!!! It's starting to freak me out. I'll be all on my own, I won't have to answer to anybody. I can do what I want when I want, I could even skip class for no reason at all-which i probably won't but still. I remember the day I cut my hair off when I was two, I wasn't thinking about college then. I wasn't thinking of having my own two year-old one day and having her do the same thing. But the real thing making me scared is packing. If you have ever traveled with me or stayed with me and seen my suitcase you know I def over pack. I am really trying to only pack the stuff I need to. But it's the i'll be 1,976 miles away, yes i mapquested it, and what if i need it it will take forever to get to me if my mom has to mail it. I don't want to leave anything I am going to need.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The one where my mom joins the blogging world

So when my brothers started blogs awhile ago I told my mom she should get one. She said "no way, never!" When we went to NJ my dad said he wanted to get one. So when I was VSU for the YSA confernce my parents got one. *you can click on their pictures and it will take you to their blog

The one where I'm already looking forward to a pink christmas

So I was looking around at blogs, saw sister swains and this pink christmas thing. It's so cool! This year they are sponsoring a family that has immigrated from africa that really needs our help, click on the graphic to read their story. All it costs you is a $15 donation for the family to participate. You fill out a questionnaire, and send it to the person in charge by the end of the month. In september you'll get one in the mail for the girl you will be giving a gift to. Doesn't it sound like fun? I can't wait to do it! It's the first piece of mail for me that will be sent to my gramie's, it's making me nervous! Sign-up, do it with me, help this family!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The one with the quilt!

So I had finished the below post, and decided to checkout tip junkie for today's, well yesterday's. give away and saw baby bintz and there i saw old red barn co. Saw the qulit and about died! It's so cute, I want it so bad! I hope I win, go there look at, and enter FOR ME, not you-me! You know you want to and if you did there will be something special in it for you! Love you guys!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The one where I'm grateful it's over!

The fam reunion was okay. It just made me remember how in-the-middle i am. With lindsay six years older than me and kira four years younger than just SUCKS! I don't feel included in anything. I tired to be the cool cousin and took bracelets to give to all the girls only to have brynn make all the girls-but me-one, yeah that made mad. I did love playing with young cousins though! Reese, noah, trent, cali, spencer-yep that's about all the ones that love me. I tried to get to know ryan, my aunt kathy's new off-spring, but she had none of it. I swear I wasn't even allowed to look at the kid so I gave up and refused to play. Not like it matters-we'll never actually be close considering the age gap. Plus ocean city has like no cute guys, i was highly disappointed! Not that anything would have actually happened, considering I was only there for a week, my uncles and i have nothing to offer but i digress. When we went to wonderland, it's kinda like a mini amusement park, all I did was play with my faves, the kids listed above, and take them on rides. I didn't really like it, it just wasn't my thing. I did go on a dinky log fume thing and then on a required ferris wheel ride. I felt bad, cause everyone was like go ride a ride, don't go on a little one with them but there was nothing for me to do. My mom tired to do this love language thing with all of us and she challenged everyone to show people you love them with their love language, I think I was the only one who did it. Then the night before we left grandma had an adult meeting for the next reunion, and considering I will be an adult next time, all on my own-ya know not living at home, going to have to make an effort to actually come-I thought that I should stay. Then grama said all the kids needed to leave and my dad said since it was an adult meeting i should go do some laundry, can you see why he's not high on my list right now, so I left and went to my room cause I was way past done. Just to come out and see them still discussing the next fam reunion with half my cousins sitting on the floor, can you see why my grama is not high on my list either? Not to mention she promised she would take me to the boardwalk for dinner after fam pictures and she left with my uncle mark while I was putting my bike away that will had gotten out. I hate that I don't stick up for myself, I try so hard to change it but it just makes it harder to do, I try so hard to be happy-go-lucky so that people will want to be with me. I hate that I feel like I have to put on a face for everybody, but once again I digress. By the time saturday rolled around I felt like I had very few goodbyes to make; the barnetts, mark, the burninghams, kira and that's about it. I finished packing, took it to the car and rode my bike til I had to return it. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad and I really did try to see the glass half-full. We went to this MRA pool that they used to go to when they lived there and that was pretty cool. The hamburgers weren't half bad either. I loved the boardwalk at night, it was so beautiful, the beach was kinda pretty. It was a little too crowded, I would have loved to walk along it at night. I babysat, pro bono, for lindsay when the 'adults' went out to dinner. Hanging out with reese was really fun. I can't wait to do stuff with her when I go out there. I'm off to bed, you better comment if your reading this! Oh and pictures to come later!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The one where we ride on the boardwalk

This morning we were up and early! We got up, had a little breakfast and were off to bike rental place. Grandma got us two surreys and I got a cruiser, with a basket of course! Rachel drove the other surrey while grandma drove this one, god bless her! Brynn, jessie and I had fun on our bikes. I was really happy at how well I did because I haven't been on bike since...i think right after we moved into the lynch road house. We met barnetts and corn-joe's(hehehe) at the boardwalk after we got there. I love reese and noah, they are SO cute! We were up there for about an hour. I rented my bike for the week, I can't wait to go again tomorrow!

The one where I face plant

So I went to my uncles on the fourth for an all italian, i mean american, cookout. It was okay I guess, it was just that my mom and I knew nobody. Almost everyone there was from my new aunt debbie's family and we really didn't know them. my hair was pin straight when i got there, but did it stay that way? nope! michael and brandon on our way to the fireworks-they are getting SO big! So I was trying to be the cool big sister so I gave will a piggy back ride all was good til all of a sudden we went down. Will of course walked away without a scratch, but me no way! I have the scrape above on my knee, the pic is upside down and i was too lazy to flip it, and ad scraped skin on my hands

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The one where I have to admit...

that I am actually having a good time, don't rub it in. We did this tour of the city on a bus yesterday and I was going to write about it last night but it was so late! We went to the Love (which by the way-the o is slanted because the sculptor said "love is never perfect") then took pictures with the "it's your move" sculpture Will had fun "knocking down" this domino. While we were on the tour we saw city hall and the guy who did all the sculptures-yeah it def took him 20 years, and the building took 30 years to construct. They wanted to have it completed for their centennial but it didn't happen. It is also the largest free masonry building in the world. (which for all you lame brains that means that there is no steel structure-it's stone upon stone) these were just some of the cool places in the city. The bridge takes people from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, free there-3 bucks back. Then a view of the skyline. The free library, again. Another view of the skyline, the museum and yet another view. The way cool building is some church in philly's version of a theater district. The playground right there is where they filmed the opening part of fresh prince of bel-air. The gold statue is of joan of arc, thought that was pretty cool. Philly has TONS of murals, something about if someone was caught doing graffiti then the would have to do a mural with a real artist. They're all really cool, hopefully I can get some more when I go out again on the bus. The awesome gates are for the federal reserve, cool right? When you go in the federal reserve for the cool exhibit and finish you get a hundred dollars! I was so excited, did I mention it was shredded? The four hands thing was given to people who contributed to the fire department and if you didn't have one and your house caught on fire the city would not put out your fire. The mint was a cool place to drive by, you can't take a camera in, not even if it's on your phone, and they have no where to put so we didn't get to go in-plus they don't give samples , :(. The statue thing before william penn is monument to christopher columbus. The statue on the building is william penn, founder of pennsylvania, which means penn's wood. Below it is the actual graveyard that nicolas cage ran through in national treasure. The thing that looks like a clothespin actually isn't one, it's a sculpture call 'the embrace,' the metal is an arm and it is supposed to be two people embracing, believe it or not. This friendship gate was way close to our hotel, a block a way. It was given to philly from their sister city somewhere in china I think. The guitar is for the philly hard rock cafe. The fountain sculptures were made by the guy who did the city building sculptures son. It was commissioned by someone's wife to celebrate him. The ship is some naval ship that is docked at penn's landing right now-don't ask me anything else about cause I have no idea. The bell is obviosuly the liberty bell. The gate thing with the statue is the rodin museum. These are just some houses around philly that I liked and the buildings at the bottom was actually in trading places, the movie. laters!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The one where I wish I was still at home

So little ol' me got up at 4:30 this morning, earlier than I used to for seminary, to catch a plane. We left for Philly this morning, the flight from columbus wasn't that bad. But for some reason I couldn't sleep on the ATL philly fight. Then when we got here we went straight for some cheese steak, SO GROSS! We checked into the hotel and then we were off to the free library-much to my dismay, I was ready for a nap. It was so lame, there wasn't anywhere for somebody to just sit and read a freakin' book! I thought that was what a library for, but whatev! After mom was done we went to walmart, here are some pics from today...waiting for the Philly flight
and I thought the north branch library in columbus was bad although the architecture was pretty cool after the library we stopped to get some philly pretzels, def a good thing then we saw strohemann bread at walmart and i had to have a picture of it, grandpa used to work there
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