Thursday, July 17, 2008

The one where I'm grateful it's over!

The fam reunion was okay. It just made me remember how in-the-middle i am. With lindsay six years older than me and kira four years younger than just SUCKS! I don't feel included in anything. I tired to be the cool cousin and took bracelets to give to all the girls only to have brynn make all the girls-but me-one, yeah that made mad. I did love playing with young cousins though! Reese, noah, trent, cali, spencer-yep that's about all the ones that love me. I tried to get to know ryan, my aunt kathy's new off-spring, but she had none of it. I swear I wasn't even allowed to look at the kid so I gave up and refused to play. Not like it matters-we'll never actually be close considering the age gap. Plus ocean city has like no cute guys, i was highly disappointed! Not that anything would have actually happened, considering I was only there for a week, my uncles and i have nothing to offer but i digress. When we went to wonderland, it's kinda like a mini amusement park, all I did was play with my faves, the kids listed above, and take them on rides. I didn't really like it, it just wasn't my thing. I did go on a dinky log fume thing and then on a required ferris wheel ride. I felt bad, cause everyone was like go ride a ride, don't go on a little one with them but there was nothing for me to do. My mom tired to do this love language thing with all of us and she challenged everyone to show people you love them with their love language, I think I was the only one who did it. Then the night before we left grandma had an adult meeting for the next reunion, and considering I will be an adult next time, all on my own-ya know not living at home, going to have to make an effort to actually come-I thought that I should stay. Then grama said all the kids needed to leave and my dad said since it was an adult meeting i should go do some laundry, can you see why he's not high on my list right now, so I left and went to my room cause I was way past done. Just to come out and see them still discussing the next fam reunion with half my cousins sitting on the floor, can you see why my grama is not high on my list either? Not to mention she promised she would take me to the boardwalk for dinner after fam pictures and she left with my uncle mark while I was putting my bike away that will had gotten out. I hate that I don't stick up for myself, I try so hard to change it but it just makes it harder to do, I try so hard to be happy-go-lucky so that people will want to be with me. I hate that I feel like I have to put on a face for everybody, but once again I digress. By the time saturday rolled around I felt like I had very few goodbyes to make; the barnetts, mark, the burninghams, kira and that's about it. I finished packing, took it to the car and rode my bike til I had to return it. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad and I really did try to see the glass half-full. We went to this MRA pool that they used to go to when they lived there and that was pretty cool. The hamburgers weren't half bad either. I loved the boardwalk at night, it was so beautiful, the beach was kinda pretty. It was a little too crowded, I would have loved to walk along it at night. I babysat, pro bono, for lindsay when the 'adults' went out to dinner. Hanging out with reese was really fun. I can't wait to do stuff with her when I go out there. I'm off to bed, you better comment if your reading this! Oh and pictures to come later!

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Lisa said...

Wow, sounds like quite the family reunion. I guess no one was very high on your list. I'm glad you are always acting happy, even if you're not happy... it's what makes people love you! Oh, and I like the part where you said, "and if you're reading this then you better comment."

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