Thursday, July 1, 2010

the one with some fun things

let's chronicle my life since part of my family has been here 

get out of class, meet mom and my brothers on the triad
have them meet some of my favorite people
head to the temple-session for mom, baptisms for me and the boys
quick stop at the the church museum
taco stand for dinner!
class again, take a quiz and then hang out with my brothers waiting for mom
mom and the boys went to grama and grampa great's and i went to see a movie with shanon

mom and the boys pick me up from my apartment and we head down to spanish fork
hickory kist for lunch, oh how i love their sandwiches
spanish fork pool! with sherylnn, cheree, tiffany, melanie and their kids
got a pretty bad sunburn on my back and shoulders
check in at the hotel, shower and change
dinner at brick oven-HEAVEN!
back to the hotel to change-for me at least
then the drive to the nephi pageant, which was a-mazing!

people who came with us:
tiffany, her husband and her youngest
melody, her mom and her brother
sherylnn and her whole family 

visit BYU, mostly the wilk and the book store in the wilk
will was reppin' the church schools with a BYU sinch backpack, and LDSBC shirt and a BYU-I hat
drove by the MTC, ahhh, and the provo temple
ate at In-n-out and no one appreciated it
 shoe shopping
lunch at the caldwells, which was sooo yummy
dinner with grama and granpa great
zac slept over at my apartment, will stayed with mom

woke up, had pancakes
ward council and then ward choir
zac got to hang out with my phone and my laptop
sacrament with the brother and mom
then we headed up to kristi's 
hung out with her and her family, ate an amazing dinner
ditched the boys and mom and i stopped by my friend krystal's on the way to rexburg
made a stop in rigby to look for jamia's house, mom forgot she had moved to arizona
then stayed the night at the hadry's

woke up to some stupid guy working on the neighbor's house at 7
hung out watched an episode of criminal minds
left for the tour of BYU-I, which was conducted on a golf cart
campus wasn't bad
then back to hadry's to clean up and watch another episode of criminal minds
took a nap and back to kristi's we went
hung out, had another amazing dinner!
packed the boys in the car and to grama's we went
spent the night with the fam

went to the bountiful temple with mom, the boys and ethan
took some pictures
then headed to class, which was cancelled
so i met up with them at hires for lunch
back to the school, nap and then class

work :(
time with the fam and sam
south visitors center at temple square
joseph smith movie
tour the conference center
dinner at nauvoo cafe-so yummy
then back to my apartment 
read and went to bed

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