Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the one with glasses

unfortunately i must wear glasses
every so often
it's quite depressing

but at least i picked a pair
that made me look
somewhat okay

i feel so bad when i see people
in glasses that obviously make
them look hor-e-blay!

i want to know who let them
pick them out

for the record
DO NOT pick glasses because
they look cute lying there
they are old fashioned
the people at the store say they look cute
(they don't have to tell you the truth)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the one with me suffering in georgia heat

people ask me sometimes if i like
utah or georgia better
the answer?
utah summers, georgia winters
i don't like snow anymore
and i have never loved humidity
in fact we are enemies!

i used to be able to deal with it
i could make my room
it was heaven

little brother decided to make a campaign for that room
my beloved room
so i got his matchbox room
and i know what you're saying
"you don't live there anymore,
suck it up!"
well you're reading my blog so you're on my side

his room i can't get cooler
than melted ice cream
and i am not cool with this
(no pun intended)

i can't handle this
i'm in shorts and a tank top to sleep
and i can't even have a sheet
and i wake up constantly 
i can't handle this

and then we went to atlanta this weekend
the change in lattitude would help
oh no, i was melting
and its not like people can get their act together
and cool down a place

except for the temple
and the stake center
it was heaven!

don't even get me started on the pool at the hotel
or my allergies
heaven help me!

Monday, April 25, 2011

the one where class is in session

let me teach you a couple things
i've seen people make these mistakes
and you get to be the benefit of my knowledge

first of all let's start with the obvious
don't have sex-you won't get pregnant!

second don't write stupid statuses
don't go apologizing to your ex on facebook
it makes you look needy and a little psycho

third give them space
absence really does make the heart grow fonder
people don't like to be smothered, you don't have to be with them 24/7

class is dismissed
if you wanna know anything else let me know

Monday, April 11, 2011

the one with sisters by heart

i joined psi
because i was moving out of my student ward
and taking my credits down to one class
and i was going to need social interaction

i was nervous at first
and almost decided to forget it
but i was blessed with these awesome sisters
and i'm so sad the year is coming to an end

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the one with my wall

i'm not a fan of headboards
they kinda drive me crazy
because they let pillows through the crack
and i want my pillows!

but i love walls covered with quotes
and things i love

i need my room, wherever it may be,
to feel like it's me
and not like a hotel room or something

about a month ago i had some pictures developed
and i knew i wanted to put them up on my walls
but at the time the only wall i would really see
is this wall covering a heating vent thing,
that also has a book case i can't tough

so i tried but all my stuff didn't fit and
i had rapped around and used another side
but i wasn't seeing it and it was lame

now to the good stuff
i moved my bed into this alcove i have in my room
and it's so nice
because the bench below the window is like my nightstand
and the left side of my bed is against a wall
and i like to sleep against a wall
crazy, i know!

but while i was cleaning and starting to pack
i thought about adding stuff to my wall
it could be like a sideboard
like a day bed has

the mirrored candle was already there, and i could't move it

my phone doesn't like to take crisp pictures
and i was too lazy to charge my camera

besides the pictures, my favorite part
is the princess plaque above the 'E' plaque
the white lettering says
"daughter of a Heavenly King"
and i got it at the DI for less than a $1

although i may love it
we'll see what my grama great thinks
because anytime i change anything she freaks out

when she saw that the bed wasn't in it's normal place
she yelled "where is the bed? what did you do with it"
like i had decided to get rid of it
ya gotta love old people

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the one with 'winter just wasn't my season'

i love music
i love the beats
and the words
and how it can change your mood
in the matter of 3 minutes and 28 seconds

i also love grey's anatomy
[i promise i have a point]
and although their musical event
wasn't as good as it could have been
and i'm worried they might have jumped the shark
there are couple songs i really love

i'd already like the songs
but their versions are good
[and kevin McKidd sounds amazing]
the one that's been stuck in my head
is breathe performed by chyler leigh
[originally sung by anna nalick]

it starts with:
2 am and she calls me
cause i'm still awake
"can you help me unravel my
latest mistake? i don't love him, 
winter just wasn't my season"

and winter wasn't my season either
with moving twice within 12 days
letting go of someone i thought i would be close to forever
questioning everything about myself
not having a real room for months
feeling inadequate at every turn
and hating snow!

but i'm changing
because i'm settling in, kind of 'nesting'
making my room as home-y as i can get it
without grama great throwing a fit

i'm deciding that i am good enough
that i don't have to change for any one
and that i can make new, great friends

but snow, i can't get rid of.
and the fact that it's been snowing
on and off for like the past 48 hours
is going to drive me crazy!

but i'm going home in
6 days!
and that can make snow tolerable

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the one when i am SOO excited!

so i love reading
and it wasn't always that way
i hated reading until 4th or 5th grade
and one of the lowe boys
told me about his class reading harry potter
and i was like harry what?
and then that christmas my mom
got the first three books
and the rest was history

i love the initial reading of a book
not knowing what is going to happen
feeling your hand turn the page in anticipation
i just love it all

i love rereading books
because you get to be excited all over again
and i'm not so anxious and paranoid
not paranoid about me, but what is going to happen to
our dear main character

and i almost never get rid of books, 
only if they were horrible books do they get taken to the DI,
because one day i want a library like the one in
beauty and the beast
or the swan princess
and one of those ladders attached to the wall
SO cool!

but i digress
this summer, in preparation for the family reunion
mom bought me books
from the DI
[which is one of the best places to look for books,
because if they're crappy you only spent like $2
and if they're amazing it's a total STEAL]

one of them was 'something borrowed'
by emily giffin

Something Borrowed
and if i didn't already love her book
she used to live in london
and now lives in ATL
i want to meet her!

but the book is so good
it follows rachel who is the under dog
her friend darcy gets everything
and rubs it in rachel's nose
and for once rachel goes for what she wants,
darcy's fiance.

which she did know first
and dexter, the fiance, totally initiated it
and darcy doesn't even love him!
and she's a horrible person,
you'll find out in the book-i can't ruin it for you!

can you tell i love rachel?
i've read the book at least 3 times
and plan on another one before
it comes out in theaters
may 6

you can also read darcy's view
off all that went down in
'something blue'
Something Blue
from emily
she has three other books too
so maybe she'll be like nicholas sparks
and they'll make tons of her books into movies

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the one with midway to heaven

desert book had a ladies night
they gave away tons of cool stuff
and what did i get?
midway to heaven, which i never would have bought
a bracelet way too small for my man wrists
and a 3 month membership to clearplay
which i can't use because i don't have one of their dvd players

so the verdict on the prize-LAME
but i figured i'd watch the movie

it's centered around a father-jed and a daughter-liz
and their realtionships
the mom died while liz was in high school from cancer

liz is now attending BYU and is in love with david
[played by kirby heyborne]
jed is still having a hard time moving on
and thinks david is too perfect

liz bothers me
and it bothers me that michelle money is in it
[aka crazy slc girl from the bachelor]

i don't want to ruin the movie for you
but verdict on the movie?
rent, only if you must!
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