Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the one with me suffering in georgia heat

people ask me sometimes if i like
utah or georgia better
the answer?
utah summers, georgia winters
i don't like snow anymore
and i have never loved humidity
in fact we are enemies!

i used to be able to deal with it
i could make my room
it was heaven

little brother decided to make a campaign for that room
my beloved room
so i got his matchbox room
and i know what you're saying
"you don't live there anymore,
suck it up!"
well you're reading my blog so you're on my side

his room i can't get cooler
than melted ice cream
and i am not cool with this
(no pun intended)

i can't handle this
i'm in shorts and a tank top to sleep
and i can't even have a sheet
and i wake up constantly 
i can't handle this

and then we went to atlanta this weekend
the change in lattitude would help
oh no, i was melting
and its not like people can get their act together
and cool down a place

except for the temple
and the stake center
it was heaven!

don't even get me started on the pool at the hotel
or my allergies
heaven help me!

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