2008 posts

january 3

january 16

february 6

march 12

may 3

may 14

may 24

may 25

june 6

june 7

june 9

june 10

june 11

june 13

june 20

june 27

july 1

july 2
the one where i have to admit...

july 7
the one where i face plant
the one where we ride on the boardwalk

july 17
the one where i'm grateful it's over!
the one with the quilt

july 20
the one where i'm already looking forward to pink christmas

july 21
the one where my mom joins the blogging world

july 29
the one where things start to get scary

july 30
the one where i love tip junkie!

august 4
the one where i teach primary

august 5
the one where riley and i yell MOUSE!

august 11
the one where i am not happy, so not happy

august 12
the one where i feel guilty
the one where i almost feel bad

august 15
the one where i cook the most amazing food ever!

august 20
the one where i'm playing catch up!

august 26
the one with an explanation
the one where i give a plug for my other blog

august 27
the one with people i admire

august 28
the one with cake for me
the one with my cousins
the one with my first trip to dick's in forever

august 30
the one with a soccer game, a lost tooth, and a sleepover

september 9
the one where i pray in class

september 13
the one with the humanitarian aid center

september 16
the one where i thank brother adrian

september 18
the one with a thankful heart

september 20
the one where we "glow with the flow"

september 27
the one where to the circus we will go

october 2
the one where i repent

october 8
the one where i interview carole mikita

october 12
one where i get to be in snow!

october 17
cully's birthday

october 19
the one where i babysit for sarah with becca

october 25
the one where becca and i see only the best movie ever-High School Musical 3

october 28
the one on my way to layton and there

october 31
The one where I have gone to AT&T in the gateway everyday this week

november 5
the one where i am so freaking depressed

november 22
the one with today

december 4
the one with temple square christmas lights

december 6
the one with good time and good places

december 11
the one with my christmas tree

december 12
the one with ring christmas bells!

december 13
the one with ring christmas bells again and becca's hair

december 26
the one with the cousin gift exchange
the one with christms eve tradition
the one where it does look like christmas

december 28
the one where i ice skate
the one with family
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