Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The one where riley and i yell MOUSE!!

Thats right, there is a mouse in my house! I was on the Mac upstairs in the office slash guest room checking my facebook and I saw this huge dark thing. I turned around and asked riley if she saw it and she said no. I tried to look again and didn't see until a few minutes later, it was running out of the room! Riley and I freaked out! We tried calling the house, my dad's cell, my mom's cell with no avail until I tried my dad's cell again and my mom picked up! And what did she say when I told her, get a cat. I can't believe how supportive she is! Riley and I ran into will's room and made him get me shoes and then we got the cat and everything we would need to lock ourselves up in wills room. We have 10+ dvds, candy, cherrios, water, a fan, my laptop, riley's belongings, my purse, my cell phone(for emergency reasons). I think we are covered for quite awhile!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

That's CRAZY. I would have screamed!!! and locked myself in a room too!

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