Monday, August 11, 2008

The one where I am not happy, so not happy!

Housing is not getting a christmas present from me no way, I repeat NO WAY! So if you haven't heard the saga of me and the housing office for LDSBC let me clue you in.
  • First they don't make it clear what you need to send in when and how much you have to send in with it.
  • Second they have you print something that is supposed to be on a 8.5 x 14 size sheet of paper, but do they tell you that? nope! AND who in the hail has legal size sheets of paper just sitting around? Because I would like to know!
  • Third, you print of the paper think you have it all filled out but you don't so you don't don't sign where you are supposed to because you don't see it
  • Fourth so they call your house and say you need to send it in again, or you can fax it, with a signature, JUST the signature so you get the lady who your mom nannys for to fax it in at work for you and you assume it's gotten there
  • Fifth a week or so later you get another call saying they haven't received and ask how you sent it in and then ask you to mail it in so you do, the very next day
  • Sixth you call today and ask if they have gotten it they say no so you tell them where they are coming from and they reply with a you fax it in, and i'll stand right here until I get it(I think she was mocking me)
  • Seventh you beg your mom for the truck key and drive to your dad's office and have him fax the paper with your signature and your mom's signature, cause I'm still not 18. He faxes it, you call and ask if she's gotten it she says we have a small problem
  • Eighth she says well you didn't sign the first one and you didn't fill out the second one. So I need to talk to my manager and i'll call you back tomorrow, i hold it together on the fine and say sure, that sounds great
What is so hard about getting one sheet of freaking paper! And I wish someone would just tell me how to get a freaking groupwise email cause I have to have it for a stupid readiness test I have to take on the third!

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familyRus...4ever said...

Yikes! What a mess! Sorry! I know that it will all work out~ this must be one of those tests of patience the Lord gives, I bet. I always fail at them so good luck!

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