Monday, January 31, 2011

the one where maybe i'm losing my mind

so maybe i'm losing my mind
i am losing my mind

people i clearly remember being weird
people i definitely remember trying to stay away from

yeah, i think they are SUPER good looking now
like i get tongue tied even thinking about them
and now i think they are WAY out of my league

check me into that hospital, i need help!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the one with ch, ch, ch, changes

not a lot of life changes
but around the blog there is
eek! i'm so excited

so this brown and pink will be 
my day to day color combo
and it will change during holidays

i think my favorite change
is the pages at the top, just below my header
with the current posts
and then a page for each year of posts

i'll be adding more pages
with other links but with updating two blogs
i'm all editing out!

i've changed the layout of the side a bit
and put things down at the bottom

hope you enjoy it almost as much as i do!
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