Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bachelorette review [week 4]

so i'm a little late, like a week
but we're off!

  • so her suit jacket is too big, it looks retarted
  • the camera shoot wasn't horrible
  • first, i took so many notes on kasey i don't even know where to start
  • kasey got the fist one on one date
  • kasey is way too cocky
  • singing the song, really? no bueno!
  • "pretty intense stuff" kasey get a grip
  •  way excited kasey didn't get a rose, bumbed he's staying
  • the date was SUPER awkward
  • craig r, frank, jesse, jonathan, kirkm roberto, ty went on the group date
  • really justin, complaining about not going on the group date? whiner!
  • i noticed kirk and roberto have livestrong bands, i knew i liked them
  • ali was horse as she called to them, bet she's sick
  • spandex on guys, seriously?
  • although kirk makes it look the best
  • with jonathan's scruff and voice i want to gag!
  • jesse has the best voice
  • roberto has pretty good voice
  • i felt bad that the guys had to sit and watch it all
  • Ali was made for the stage, she is such a DRAMA QUEEN
  • jonathan looking at ali would not have changed things, you sound horrible
  • beehive of knives? bwahaha
  • ali please say roberto's name right, do not pull a jake with tenley's name
  • is she seriously chewing gum on stage?
  • jonathan, please do not go up there!
  • i'm glad craig r got some time with ali
  • jonathan always interupts!
  • i'm so glad that kirk was super sweet to ali
  • i totally called it ali was sick
  • jonathan, please do not go up there!
  • fyi jonathan, amber alert is for kids not bachelorettes!
  • kasey you wish you had another one on one, you're not gonna get cause you already had your chance so quit going on about it
  • how is getting a tattoo showing that you are genuine and sincire
  • his outfit is crappy! a flannel shirt and flip flops?
  • bachelorette crew rearranged the room, no way is it always set up like that
  • why did it take the guys so long to realize kasey was gone
  •  happy birthday to chris l, i agreed with him-it was a good trade off
  • he's a good catch, maybe the one for ali
  • the lighting in his interview was WAY funky
  • i would have gone to ninja new york for dinner, not some club
  • i play with my hair the same way ali does
  • her outfit sucks, big time. sorry instyle
  • i liked that they called his dad, super sweet
  • i didn't know joshua reden sang the song, the first one
  • what is with the aggressive kissing?
  • i'm glad chris l got the rose
  • okay who in the heck uses fibber anymore? no one, everyone says liar
  • kirk looks SUPER cute at the rose ceremony
  • kasey is not a good liar
  • plus his shirt and tie clash like no other
  • face off over the tattoo!!!
  • side note: i thought chris n was gone until rose ceremony are we gonna meet him anytime soon?
  • all the symbolism=crazy
  • thank you for speaking my  mind kirk, kasey is psycho
  • where does kasey get that everyone supports him, he's delusional
  • and he's getting crazier by the mili-second
  • her cocktail dress is super ugly
  • giving kasey a rose? are you crazy ali? he's got stalker potential
  • it was time for jonathan to go home, but jesse?
  • so jesse said 'i can't wait to see my dogs' lame!

next week
[or in this case, a couple days ago]
  • ali-kasey can not be normal, sorry
  • watch, all the guys are gonna be sick next week

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

the one with questions people ask

Where do you live?

what is your favorite color?

 brown and pink, i used to really dislike pink so it's odd for me

What is your favorite city?
i don't have one, yet!

What is your favorite thing to cook?

 i love grilled cheese, so it's probably that

What beauty product can you not live without?
this eye cream i have, it takes away the dark circles

What is your favorite nyc restaurant?
ninja new york, i want to go one day

What is one thing you can’t help but splurge on?  
groceries, i get to the store and i remember all these other things i wanted

What is your favorite word?
antidisestablishmentarianism and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, just because they are so long and because I can spell the first one without looking it up

What movie can you recite by heart?

The Blindside, Remember the Titans

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?  
sleep in and go to church

Which tv show do you makes you happiest?
grey's anatomy, army wives

What is your favorite beverage? water

What is one trend that totally victimized you?
glitter makeup

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would you chose?
hmmm, an actress or singer

What is your favorite comfort food?
mashed potatoes and chocolate chip cookie dough

What famous person do you think you most resemble?
ugh, i don't think there is one sadly

Friday, June 11, 2010

bachelorette review [week 3]

so i'm taking a page from mormon in manhattan's book
i might as well make watching  the bachelorette worth while
besides the entertainment value

so each week i'll post what i thought of the episode. 
feel free to comment with your own if you watch

  • tightrope walking, really? heckka scary, no way i would do it
  • lots a cheesey lines were being thrown around, planned much?
  • so roberto speaks a ton of languages, definite plus
  • he looks kinda cute, too cute for ali-she said it first
  • good job giving him the rose
  • kasey said 'sing her a little song from my heart' not cool, we are over everyone singing her songs
  • plus his voice kinda  bothers me, is that mean?
  • i give ali tons of props for getting the barenaked ladies
  • but her dancing at the beginning was WAY awkward
  • i was kinda jealous they got to be in the music video, i want to be in a music video
  • felt bad for the one guy who didn't even get any action
  • kirk and ali kissing after they said cut, awkward for everyone
  • although they do look cute together, my money's on him to win right now
  • kirk was a little obnoxious at the shoot, he's way to jealous-they barely know each other
  • oh, and he looks better with glasses
  • i felt bad for jonathan, not! it was just plain funny
  • what with the awkward whispering before the scene and the crying? really jonathan? you are on national television.
  • john c reminds me of sheldon
  • ali was definitely enjoying kissing all the guys a little too much
  • so justin hobbling over to ali's seemed desperate-not cool buddy, not cool
  • while justin was hanging out in the hot tub, i almost believed him when he said he'd give up everything for ali AND then he said 'well okay, not really' who do you think you are? you're so not cool
  • post script it wasn't cool that he took time away from hunter
  • hunter is kinda cute, but not my type, i don't know if he's right fro ali
  • i love her apron, it's super cute
  • really? why did she bring out a huge plate of meat for them to cook when it's just the two of them? seriously though, 6 burgers and a bunch of hot dogs-it's sick!
  • what are with ali's skimpy binki's?
  • kinda awkward in the pool. kinda? who am i kidding, SUPER awkward!
  • i love that she wanted to make s'mores! i'm kind of addicted to them right now
  • i'm sad hunter is going home, we don't even really know him
  • her dress seems like she's going to prom, not a cocktail party
  • i liked the cheers to hunter, that was nice
  • is bad that i didn't even recognize steve? i was all like 'who is this guy'
  • i don't think i saw chris n until the rose ceremony, and his tan was weird
  • ty's necklace bothers me, but i L-O-V-E his accent
  • way to rat out justin ali, no seriously way to go!
  • i'm glad all the guys flipped out over it, him going over there was NOT cool
  • kasey is right, justin is creepy
  • justin are you really crying? seriously?
  • craig r and i think a LOT alike, kinda scarry
  • are the diamonds on the sash supposed to be off to the side? why didn't someone catch that?
  • ali gave 'rated r' aka justin the rose, she's stupid!
  • jesse, are you really wore a jean jacket? this is not a how down, it's a cocktail party!
  • we said goodbye to hunter, john c and steve this week

from the extra scenes, and previews
  • the mouse bit was HIL-AR-IOUS! i was laughing so hard, and now i really wish john c had stayed. i really hope they catch it
  • so who thought the whole 'here's my heart. jump in, stay awhile' was way awkward!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the one where i can't take much more of this

so i'm still trying to hold on to that thought i had when i was a kid, the one you thought of when you were a kid to.
the people you love, the people you look up to-they are indestructible!
they are like superman nothing phases them

first my favorite young woman's leader had problems last fall and then my favorite 2 and a half year old's dad had to get a whipple procedure done and then had complications in december. the worst part is that i was almost 2,000 miles away and i couldn't do anything.

my gramie went to the hospital sunday night, she had surgery monday and i saw her in the icu on tuesday.

she went in with some tightness with her chest, and ended up having her gallbladder taken out and finding an infection all through out her guts.

when i went to see her tuesday morning she was a ventilator, scariest thing i have ever seen. they put her on it because after the surgery she didn't even try to breath. while i was there they were able to take her off it and put her on a mask so help her vocal chords.

when i went back that night she was doing so much better. they are pumping her full of super antibiotics. she even thought they moving her from icu to surgery today.

hopefully i'll get there today to see her after work

update [7/20/12]
i was talking with my gramie while i was back in utah and she asked me how often i came to visit her. i thought she knew i was there almost everyday, she told me she wasn't sure how many times i had come because it seemed to her that every time she was awake i was there. she remembers very little from those two weeks, mostly pain and me being there.
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