Friday, June 11, 2010

bachelorette review [week 3]

so i'm taking a page from mormon in manhattan's book
i might as well make watching  the bachelorette worth while
besides the entertainment value

so each week i'll post what i thought of the episode. 
feel free to comment with your own if you watch

  • tightrope walking, really? heckka scary, no way i would do it
  • lots a cheesey lines were being thrown around, planned much?
  • so roberto speaks a ton of languages, definite plus
  • he looks kinda cute, too cute for ali-she said it first
  • good job giving him the rose
  • kasey said 'sing her a little song from my heart' not cool, we are over everyone singing her songs
  • plus his voice kinda  bothers me, is that mean?
  • i give ali tons of props for getting the barenaked ladies
  • but her dancing at the beginning was WAY awkward
  • i was kinda jealous they got to be in the music video, i want to be in a music video
  • felt bad for the one guy who didn't even get any action
  • kirk and ali kissing after they said cut, awkward for everyone
  • although they do look cute together, my money's on him to win right now
  • kirk was a little obnoxious at the shoot, he's way to jealous-they barely know each other
  • oh, and he looks better with glasses
  • i felt bad for jonathan, not! it was just plain funny
  • what with the awkward whispering before the scene and the crying? really jonathan? you are on national television.
  • john c reminds me of sheldon
  • ali was definitely enjoying kissing all the guys a little too much
  • so justin hobbling over to ali's seemed desperate-not cool buddy, not cool
  • while justin was hanging out in the hot tub, i almost believed him when he said he'd give up everything for ali AND then he said 'well okay, not really' who do you think you are? you're so not cool
  • post script it wasn't cool that he took time away from hunter
  • hunter is kinda cute, but not my type, i don't know if he's right fro ali
  • i love her apron, it's super cute
  • really? why did she bring out a huge plate of meat for them to cook when it's just the two of them? seriously though, 6 burgers and a bunch of hot dogs-it's sick!
  • what are with ali's skimpy binki's?
  • kinda awkward in the pool. kinda? who am i kidding, SUPER awkward!
  • i love that she wanted to make s'mores! i'm kind of addicted to them right now
  • i'm sad hunter is going home, we don't even really know him
  • her dress seems like she's going to prom, not a cocktail party
  • i liked the cheers to hunter, that was nice
  • is bad that i didn't even recognize steve? i was all like 'who is this guy'
  • i don't think i saw chris n until the rose ceremony, and his tan was weird
  • ty's necklace bothers me, but i L-O-V-E his accent
  • way to rat out justin ali, no seriously way to go!
  • i'm glad all the guys flipped out over it, him going over there was NOT cool
  • kasey is right, justin is creepy
  • justin are you really crying? seriously?
  • craig r and i think a LOT alike, kinda scarry
  • are the diamonds on the sash supposed to be off to the side? why didn't someone catch that?
  • ali gave 'rated r' aka justin the rose, she's stupid!
  • jesse, are you really wore a jean jacket? this is not a how down, it's a cocktail party!
  • we said goodbye to hunter, john c and steve this week

from the extra scenes, and previews
  • the mouse bit was HIL-AR-IOUS! i was laughing so hard, and now i really wish john c had stayed. i really hope they catch it
  • so who thought the whole 'here's my heart. jump in, stay awhile' was way awkward!

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