Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the one with hopefully

my future husband will look and be something like this

Monday, December 13, 2010

the one with family

i love chirstmas because of family
i get to be done with school
and spend time with the ones that matter

now a little off subject
i have spent time with my cousin sam today
who i call SJ because he is soooo
like SJ from the blindside

i have two really good quotes from him

he was doing some work for my gramie
and he said "how much am i gonna get paid?"
she said "$20"
he then said "i'm LDS, not payless"
he's such a trip

then as we were coming back from church
i had radio disney playing and justin beiber's baby came on
i said hey sam do you know who this is?
and he said "yeah, it's justin swearword"
oh sam, thank you for restoring my faith in your generation

your generation
that is in love with "justin swearword"
and a little skank named hannah montana
and all the crazies

you sam will be one of our hopes!

Friday, December 10, 2010

the one with the nativity puzzle

december is the only time that my favorite puzzle,
one i could do for ours and not get bored,
makes it's appearence

it's seriously the coolest and i wish i had a picture
[cue me googling it, and finding it]
so this one is kind of lame, but you get the picture. 

as far as i can remember mom made them
at an enrichment night, or something like that
for tons of people, cause my grama has one

but mom's are cooler, mom's are painted so you
see the faces of the wise men, shepherds, mary and joseph.
and you see jesus in the manger (the little yellow thing, in the corner)
and behind the animals it looks like a stable

i'll have to take a picture when i'm home
but i love it because my mom made it
and because it's a really cool way to remember
that christmas is all about Jesus

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the one with pumpkin pie

i'm not really a fan of pie
and i don't love pumpkin pie either
but if i'm going to eat any pie
it's going to be pumpkin and homemade

but dad's pumpkin pie,
which i think is his grama's recipe,
is so stinking good!

i don't eat the crust,
just the filling
but it is heaven

dad only makes it this time of the year
and it makes me think of christmas
and family
and that's why i love it

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the one with temple square at christmas

so this is a picture of my friend amy and i
at temple square sunday night after the devo
at the reflection pool by temple square

this is perhaps one of my best pictures EVER
the fog that night made everything beautiful

but everything is covered at temple square in lights!
it looks so beautiful
and it just makes me happy

Monday, December 6, 2010

the one with the first presidency christmas devotional

so each year the
first presidency of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
gives a christmas devotional

i kind of feel like it's the kick off to the season
and it reminds me of the real meaning
of my favorite holiday
[besides my birthday]

but the reason i love it the most
is because my mom loves it
and it reminds me of her
and then i feel a little bit closer
like 1,750 miles closer

this year, like last year, i had tickets
to the conference center for it
which i tried to bribe my mom with,
she didn't take it :(

but it's okay cause she watched it at home
and it made me feel close

like in this song kenny loggins sang,
at least i think it was him,
a song that had this in it
"And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star"

it helped me to know that we were watching the
same devotional

Sunday, December 5, 2010

the one with december's theme

so now that my blogging for a month is over
what am i to do?

i was thinking a picture a day
and why i took it
but i want it to be christmas-y
[so i'll have to save the picture idea for another month]

and i'm just not feeling
all christmas-y here in utah
i'm over the snow!
and i'm over the cold

i am dreaming of a warmer christmas
one on the other side of the country
which is almost 2,000 miles away
[yes i mapquested it]

so here it is
my theme for this month
a reason i love christmas
each day i'll list something new
and i'll probably expound on it!
ready, set, go!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

day 31 - the one with a habit i wish i didn't have

i wish i didn't say mean things

when people bother me,
to someone i'm friends with
and i know i can trust,
i say things...sometimes really mean
sometimes stuff they totally deserve
but i still shouldn't say anything
i should just keep my mouth shut
which is why it will be part of my new years resolution

Friday, December 3, 2010

day 30 - the one with my favorite song

so if you couldn't tell yet
i'm indecisive

which is why one song is WAY to hard for me
so i've decided on a genre

which is...drum roll please
the 80's!

they are definitely my favorite
that was the good stuff
and it's all thanks to my dad
that i love the stuff

Thursday, December 2, 2010

day 29 - the one with what i've learned in the last month

let me preface this by saying distinguishing
a month of me is too hard
so i'm gonna do this semester

i've learned that math can kick my butt
if i let it
but the tutoring lab is my best friend

i've learned that being friends with
everybody is not worth it

i've learned to stay no
when i just can't do things

i've learned that i'm most happy
when i'm with family

and i've learned that
one moment can make a difference
in someone's life

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

day 28 -the one with picture of me from last year and now and how i've changed

so this is as close to a year as i can get
which is like last october-ish

well let me re-phrase this
the only one that is blog worthy

i'm sure i have more on my laptop but 
my laptop is kind of out of commission
and facebook lost like three months of pictures

i've changed because now i'm out of the plaza
i've had an AMAZING roommate!
and i would still be living with her
if she wasn't going on a mission to switzerland!
isn't that super cool?!?

i also work a lot harder
and manage my money better now

i'm more appreciative of what
people do to me

i have a better sense of humor
and am more comfortable with myself

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

day 27 - the one where i say why i'm doing this

i'm doing this because
i need to blog more
because i don't blog enough

and when i blog
i then check out my favorite blogs

oh and i'm also doing this because
it seemed like a good idea

Monday, November 29, 2010

day 26 - the one with what i think about my friends

i have friends of all different ages
and for this i'm gonna talk about 
the ones closest in age to me

i think i pick people who aren't the best friends
i pick people who are fair weather friends
the ones who have good friends
and i'm just an 'acquaintance to them'

people who flake or bail
people who would rather hang with different people
and frankly i'm done
which is why i've kind of become a recluse

Sunday, November 28, 2010

day 25 - the one with what's in my bag

i have so many bags!
i have my church bag
my purse
and my bag pack

a lot of stuff is in all of them
because i just can't live without them
but we'll just do the first two today

church bag

there's my favorite chap stick ever!

wipes, because i refuse to get sick

my super cute scripture case with my scriptures and hymn book

assorted pens and pencils
i use the pencils and the yellow marker for scriptures
and the pen for books

my keys

my wallet

my favorite pens ever!
which are really like markers

cause i go to the PMG class for sunday school

my hair brush cause my hair always gets messed up

the program for that sunday

my sunglasses

my purse

there's my favorite chap stick ever!

wipes, because i refuse to get sick

my keys

my wallet

my favorite pens ever!
which are really like markers

my hair brush cause my hair always gets messed up

these are my must-have's 
my black nice pen and my favorite pencil for math

my glasses cause i am so blind sometimes

Saturday, November 27, 2010

day 24 - the one when i write to my parents

dearest momsie and popsicle,
[name that musical]

i don't even know where to start
i miss you guys so much and can't wait to be with you
just over 3 weeks!

thank you for being who you are
and teaching me all i needed to know
even if i didn't want to learn

thank you for being my chauffeurs for FOREVER!
and then allowing me to drive your truck

thank you for supporting me and
sticking up for me every step of the way

i love you SOO much

Friday, November 26, 2010

day 23 - the one with cravings!

what don't i crave?

purple bags of skittles
chocolate, mostly milk choclate
tacos hildago taco stand tacos
smart water
mom's real mashed potates
dad's pumpkin pie
pazukis [i think that's how you spell it]
fettuccine alfredo

yeah i'm wierd

Thursday, November 25, 2010

day 22 - the one with what makes me different

what makes me different?

well...i'd rather spend time with family
then with friends
i love to take pictures to take pictures
not to get recognized for it

i'm out of ideas,
ask my mom!

oh, post script

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 21 - the one with a picture of something that makes me happy

oh gosh! i don't know
i guess


and this...

and then being on this!

because then i get to go home
and see my favorite people
cully and helena of course!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

day 20 - the one where i share who i can see myself with

umm...this is kinda hard

♥he has to be older, even by like a month
has to be taller, by a good couple inches
[so i can still wear heals]
♥sense of humor
♥is a kid at heart 
♥loves the church
♥honors the preisthood
♥loves his family
♥loves my family
♥like my dad, in the good ways
♥loves kids
♥watched tv shows
[so we can laugh and talk about them]
♥musically aware
[know the old good stuff and the new stuff, 
and appreciates it all even if he doesn't like it]  

that's all i can really think of right now
oh and he can't be an idiot, that's a must     

Monday, November 22, 2010

day 19 - the one where i share nicknames

el, elle
how ever you want to say it...
it bugs me! don't call me that
it's ELLIE

mychel, mychel motorcycle
ask my dad, cause i don't know

ask my dad about that one too

what my mom says when i need consoling

other than that i don't know

Sunday, November 21, 2010

day 18 - the one with plans, dreams and goals

i'm planning on moving next weekend
we'll see how it goes!
i'll be moving in with two girls from scotland
who i both adore!

i dream of getting married in the
salt lake temple
to the man of my dreams
and having super cute kids

i have a goal of
getting a MacBook Pro
right after christmas
cause i need it

Saturday, November 20, 2010

day 17 - the one with who i would want to trade places with and why

if you haven't been able to tell
i can be indecisive
so today there's two

this is sister johnson
she's pretty much amaze-balls!
she has an ADORABLE family 
and she's super crafty and i could go on and on

see how cute they are!!
matthew's not in this one so...

aren't they adorable!?!
and they are living in germany right now, super fun!
you can check out her blog

but for the why?
because i want to be like her

then there is the most amazing person in the world
she may not appreciate this picture,
but i do! i love it
i love when she is talking with her friends and happy
she's done so much for m

and she still does, i want to trade places so i could
do everything for her once

Friday, November 19, 2010

day 16 - the one with another picture of me

i'm doing two pictures, so sue me!
i picked this picture because i'm holding m camera
and taking pictures makes me so happy
and because i love my aunt lindsay

i've always felt close to her
she's my aunt closest in age
and i'd like to think we're a lot alike
and i look up to her

oh and i also picked it because my cousin
tj took it, and he's amazing!

but this is next one is another favorite of mine
because i think my aunt angie and i look a lot a like
one-because i look like my mom
two-my mom and angie look alike

****DISCLAIMER this does not mean i don't love all my aunts

Thursday, November 18, 2010

day 15 - the one when i press suffle on iPod

for those of you who want to obtain these songs
i'm including all the info you need

and where i got it if not from iTunes

alex miller
cloud (live)
feel good frenzy
i have it cause he does the theme song to business at the bc and i love it!

the dwarf chorus
snow white and the seven dwarfs
idk if it's on iTunes, i had the soundtrack
because who doesn't love disney!?!

the church of Jesus Christ
the singles ward
idk if iTunes has it but desert book does
singles ward soundtrack is amaze-balls!
and because sometimes i need fun church music

kris allen
the truth
kris allen iTunes Pass
because i liked him on american idol
and he's super good even though jason thinks i'm an idiot

jason miraz
i'm yours
we sing, we dance, we steal things
jason miraz is the bomb, nuff said

phil collins
brother bear

it's the last movie i remember
seeing with nathan
alan menken and stephen schwartz
the virgina company (reprise)
once again, idk if it's on iTunes, i had the soundtrack
this is the first movie i remember seeing in theaters
more than once and i LOVED it

julie andrews, anne hathaway and raven
your crowning glory
the princess diaries 2: royal engagement
i like the movie okay?
felicia day and neil patrick harris
my eyes
dr. horrible's sing-along blog
super cool story behind it
and because i loved the song

nicole kidman
sparkling diamonds
moulin rouge
i remember listening to the soundtrack
when mom got it from a garage sale
and then when i watched the movie
i had to have it

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day 14 - the one with a family picture

so it's from forever ago
almost two years ago
from when the fam came out for christmas 2008

this is the best picture of us that i have
it's mom, zac, dad, will, me and grama

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 13 - the one with a letter to someone who has hurt me

dearest person,

i remember when i met you
i was working and you needed help
and the rest is history

you were the kind of person i wanted to be
you made me want to be better

me you and becca became bff's 
and then winter semester came
and we were hot potatoes
for all these new people

 then when this fall started
you wanted to be friends and i said okay
and it's been nothing but flaking on your part
and it may or may not p*** me off

and then you wonder why we don't hang out
and i don't want to be the needy friend
so i don't say anything about it

but i'm done being an idiot
and letting you make plans and then bail
i'm done and i don't want to be done with you
because maybe i melt when i'm around you


Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

day 11 - the one with another picture of friends

earthfest 2010!

because of earthfest i am hooked on concerts
...like a drug!

we all came in pairs and didn't know 
anyone else was coming until we were there

left to right, top to bottom
rob owens, kristine butler, william baguley
marli mouritsen, me, [i feel horrible but i forgot her name]

i know it's a horrible picture it was so much fun!

kristine and will came together
rob brought the other girl
and i brought marli

Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 10 - the one with songs i listen to when i'm bored, happy, sad, mad, hyped

so this one's kinda hard
because due to the fact that my laptop
is at home and i have no internet there

so we'll turn to my handy, dandy iPhone!

i'll pretty much listen to anything that's on my iPod
or if i have my iTunes up i try to listen to the stuff
that i don't listen to as much

pretty much anything on my iPod
most of it's really happy music
especially my disney stuff
or glee!

i listen to slow songs
or songs about people being sad
like almost lover by fine frenzie
or church stuff cause then i feel all warm inside
i listen to stuff that is upbeat
and not cheery cause that just makes me even more mad
mostly like hey monday
avril lavigne

i listen to a couple of playlists
my GNO playlist that becca made
[which is currently not on my iPhone]

on a side note
my favorite songs right now
mine by taylor swift
maybe, possibly by megan and liz
parachute by ingrid michaelson
elevator by david archuleta

Friday, November 12, 2010

day 9 - the one where i share something i'm proud of in the past few days

so my iPhone charging chord, not the adapter
has been falling apart
and it worries me, since i don't want something to blow up

so i made an appointment at apple's genius bar
the name alone is super cool
but back to the story, i made the appointment
and went over and told them of my woe's 
and i got a new charging chord for FREE!

all because i was nice! and was calm
which when things break and it's not my fault i kinda
get mad and want my way...

THEN i talked to one of the mac pros
and I became educated when it comes to Mac's
which makes me happy because now i'm 
making an educated decisions, I am getting a MacBook Pro

Thursday, November 11, 2010

day 8 - the one with my goals and when i'll accomplish them

find boxes-soon
move-thanksgiving weekend
buy a mabook pro-january
complete christmas shopping-december 13

this is most definitely my favorite veteran
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