Monday, December 13, 2010

the one with family

i love chirstmas because of family
i get to be done with school
and spend time with the ones that matter

now a little off subject
i have spent time with my cousin sam today
who i call SJ because he is soooo
like SJ from the blindside

i have two really good quotes from him

he was doing some work for my gramie
and he said "how much am i gonna get paid?"
she said "$20"
he then said "i'm LDS, not payless"
he's such a trip

then as we were coming back from church
i had radio disney playing and justin beiber's baby came on
i said hey sam do you know who this is?
and he said "yeah, it's justin swearword"
oh sam, thank you for restoring my faith in your generation

your generation
that is in love with "justin swearword"
and a little skank named hannah montana
and all the crazies

you sam will be one of our hopes!

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