Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the one with a miracle

pre script, mother i'm putting you trough the ringer again

i already posted the video of the story
the one where you're going to want tissues
but if you want to read their story
you can on their blog

their little boy, bronson,
over came this

to be himself again

check out sarah staker's blog
for the whole story
it starts the beginning of february

Monday, March 29, 2010

the one where it's fast

so FHE is starting in like a half hour
and i'm in charge, so we're gonna make this fast

i got payed to take pictures friday night
my first paying gig, i was so nervous

pictures went great, until i got home
something went wacky on my camera
and now all the pictures are being stupid

cross your fingers that i can post them one day :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

the one with mormon in manhattan

so on friday i mentioned
mormon in manhattan
[link's in the sidebar]

my dearest aunt sarah introduced me
why? because i watch the bachelor and bachelorette
and natalie, aka mormon in manhattan, does too
she wrote about the episodes every tuesday,
or maybe it was monday night-i can't remember

she has been on broadway and is freaking amazing
she does a giveaway like every week

i love her blog, and you should totally check her out

Saturday, March 27, 2010

the one with shaycarl and the shaytards

so while on youtube one day
i came upon the shaytards
a cute little family, from idaho, 
living california, and moving back to idaho

they blogged everyday for a year
and they have the cutest family
shay-the dad
MommyTard/katilette-the mom
yes, katiette is prego!

this is from their youtube channel
they are hilarious videos

and if you would like to make me happy,
please watch their videos and
rate them five stars

Friday, March 26, 2010

the one when i have a lot on my mind

we are going to break from pictures
there are things i want to share
things i really like
things that make me cry
things that make my day better

we are going to start with
natalie norton [link's in the side bar]
she is amazing photographer and one day, i hope to be like her.

i found her blog through mormon in manhattan
[once again, link's in the side bar]

natalie had a beautiful baby boy on october 24 last year
and on january 7 Heavenly Father 
decided it was time for him to come home

she talks about it in her blog
and i see how it has affected each
and everyone of her family members and friends

i wish i had found her blog earlier
i wish i could have flown to hawaii
[where she lives, and yes i am jealous]
and helped in any way i could have

here are a couple of the posts that really hit me

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the one with survivor

my aunt emily
check out her blog in the side bar
or here
has survior parties every thursday
and i was so lucky as to be invited

if you haven't been following it, it's okay i haven't either
it's an all-star season
with heroes vs. villains

and who is my favorite hero-colby of course
i remember it was third grade i think, and he was on that season
whitney v., i won't put her last name but i soo remember it,
and i were walking home from school and we were talking
about how cute we thought he was

favorite villain? rob, i love his wife amber 
and he's not that much of a villain to me

but who cares, i know you want to see the pictures

the pictures of griffin and sam are my favorite
liza is such a goofball

so when survivor started i was holding griffin
i needed to move cause my foot was falling asleep
so i set griffin down on the couch
he looked so cute so we left him there

less than five minutes later he was leaning on ethan's shoulder
and once again he looked so cute so we left him there

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the one with in-n-out again

so in-n-out 
is kind of an addiction
but one that is kept at bay
cause it's so freaking far away

but once again i went to in-n-out burger
this time lyle drove and somehow
we didn't get a whole lot of pictures of him

that my friends is a double double
because i was already stuffed when i went
but who can turn down a in-n-out burger run

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the one with another day of free food

so the last couple post have involved food
and i feel bad that i haven't mentioned that
all of that food, FREE
kellie and i were keeping track

but thanks to my beautiful mother
[check out her blog, it's in the side bar
and it's right here
careful though music starts when you open the page]
who told me it was national free pancake day
at ihop! so of course i tried to get people to go

the top left is another tale of BC kids we saw there
by the time we left we ran into three other tables of BC kids

michelle is kellie's rommate
winsor drove us cause he was the only one 
we could call at 10:30 and ask him to
take us to ihop for free pancakes

so my friend spencer here
decided he wanted another plate of free pancakes
SO against the rules
but he got them anyways

so we decided we would time him,
and in case you couldn't tell
he ate three pancakes in almost 1 minute and 40 seconds

oh and post script
my favorite part of the night?
watching the olympics on the tv at ihop

i miss the olympics!

Monday, March 22, 2010

the one with another photography class field trip

we are no longer allowed at the gateway
as a class, some political reason

so we just went up the over pass on north temple
to take pictures of the sunset

but i took pictures of things i liked

Sunday, March 21, 2010

the one with in-and-out just after midnight on monday morning

this is how we roll
we stay up way late sunday night
so we can go get some real food
this night we went to in-and-out

so it's become tradition to get
a couple random shots of lyle
at in-and-out burger

the posse that went, winsor drove

kellie made fun of how i ate my 4 by 4
what's a 4 by 4 you ask?
it's four patties and four pieces of cheese
soo good, but so bad for you

but since kellie made fun of me
lyle decided he would take pictures
of me eating my favorite burger

Saturday, March 20, 2010

the one with the scone party

so once upon a time in the salt lake valley
a group of roommates started the waffle party

one guy, one george foreman grill
and his lovely friends started grilled cheese intimate parties

then two girls started what has become the scone party
can you tell BC students like parties?

no scones were wasted in the taking of these pictures
the scones were so good, too bad
they're gone as soon as they are made
you have to be there early if you want one

Friday, March 19, 2010

the one with a night of fun at lyle's

so it all started with a waffle party
and it was good, i loved the waffles
but it was boring so kellie and i
started a party in the hall

a mini party of people we liked ensued
and then we decided we wanted grilled cheese
so we were about to head out when we invited spencer
spencer decided he would drive us

we stopped at walmart for supplies
and then we went to lyle's apartment

one of us went to use lyle's bathroom
we were grossed out to say the least

so before any one of us would use the bathroom
we had to clean it, it was that bad-promise
but just fyi, it wasn't his fault
it was his three roommates

then the grilled cheese amazingness started
no joke, his grilled cheese are amazing
even better than mine

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the one with trax

so i don't exactly remember why
this event was taking place
maybe it was for grilled cheese

i do remember that we watched a movie
and then i fell asleep, and lyle had to wake me up

if you don't remember lyle check out

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the one with the cutest couple ever

so after a long week of work
i had decided i was going to skip BC's Got Talent
but the main reason? i tried out and didn't make it
and i was kind of bitter

when lindsey stopped by the admissions office
and told me i should go with her i said yes
and it's a good thing too

david stauffer, who's a pretty good friend of mine,
proposed to her that night
she had no idea and it was so cute

i'm soo happy for them!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the one with graduation photos...of becca

i still have some time before i graduate
but becca asked me to take some
graduation photos for her

so one friday after work becca
and i went on a photo shoot

here are just some of the photos i took

Monday, March 15, 2010

the one where it's valentine's day

so sue me,
i'm just over a month behind
but i am catching up!

the day started with church
and then kellie and i picked gramie up from the airport
and because i am me i have pictures
and i had kellie hold a sign for her

sorry they aren't the clearest but
it's not like i could reenact it

with gramie in tow we headed to gramie's to drop off our stuff
and then pick up grama and grampa great
i drove them, i think they are learning to trust me

then to sarah's we went

just some favorites
i really like the pictures of grama and grampa great

griffin is definitely one of my favorite babies ever!
i must say i love tanner, libby, eliza and ethan's pictures
it's just something about them

then we were off to emily's for dinner
or the final preperations for dinner
and then dinner

josh's dad was there too,
although i don't know how i didn't get a picture of him

overall, not a bad valentine's day

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the one when we eat a big pizza pie

the pie is a pretty popular place here in salt lake
kellie was told by her brother brian she had to try it
and i was told by sarah i should try it

the best part of the trip for pizza?
our name was watermelondrea
to get the story behind this go to 
youtube and search for 'top 60 black names'

i got bacon on my half and it was amazing
kellie didn't like it so much

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The one with my trip to provo

i decided it had been too long since i'd seen jordan and stephanie
and i knew the same was true for kellie
so we decided to head down february 11

we borrowed a car and were on our way
until we decided to be good samaritans
 on our way out of the school parking lot
we decided to pick up a guy who was looking for a ride
we felt bad for him, just standing on the ramp in the parking lot

we checked his credentials before we let him in
and the best part is he even told us where
in-and-out burger was so i could get a fix

we picked stephanie up from the wilk
and then we drove over to jordan's apartment

we watched up!
it's such a good movie
i SOOO recommend it

Friday, March 12, 2010

The one with the church history museum

not gonna lie
i was not excited for this FHE
why? cause i wanted to be active
and have fun not see a bunch of old stuff

but kellie and i had a photography adventure
with cameras in tow
we took pictures left and right

steven apparently doesn't like his picture being taken
being his co-chair, i'm going to make that change
the pear up there is the russian initials for CTR

on the 'boat' and 'dock'
fyi-pioneers also traveled by boat
i think i would rather stick with land
brother nielsen's wife and marli mouritsen
and brother nielsen and bishop young

there were a bunch of art pieces
just about the last supper,
i happened to only take pictures of two

would you like to know who is speaking
at general conference in april?
that's right, me and kellie!

the top pulpit is a replica of the one in the conference center
and the bottom one is a replica of the one that
used to be used in the tabernacle

but i have saved the best for last
drum roll please...

so the museum has a kids section
kellie and i just happened to find
the best part-dress up!
there are so many more pictures from it
if you're on facebook, they're there

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The one with our run to draper

...and by run i mean nice little car ride
let me set the scene
i walk into becca's office
she's facebook chatting lyle

they both want to go to in-and-out burger
i want to go too!
we make a run for it

it was amazing
i am converted to the amazing-ness

as we were leaving the parking lot
we saw the temple and of course we wanted to go

so it only counts towards half of my goal
cause i didn't actually do work in the temple

after this we rushed back to salt lake
to be back in time for FHE

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The one with the bountiful temple

i have a goal in life
visit all the temples in the united states
do work in them, and take pictures

sarah called one saturday morning
while i was house sitting at gramies
and asked if i would like to go
to the temple with her

I know you can't see the temple 
all that well but i really like it

the branches were so pretty
i wish i could do them justice

i love that the temple grounds
are beautiful even in the winter

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The one where I was at an art museum

for health and lifestyle management
we went to this museum/shop

Stained glass, so pretty

This guy was amazing
i wish i could have watched him work all day
it didn't hurt that he was way cute

Monday, March 8, 2010

The one when I go to a concert

landon is the  second elder's quorum 
president in my ward

not to mention he is hot, has an amazing voice
and can play the guitar like no other


he invited kellie and i
to the concert,
how were we to say no?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The one with tyler taco tuesday!

back in october, right before halloween
becca and i ran into my friend tyler
who just happened to be at the 
best taco stand ever!

he ordered us a taco
and payed for it so we could try it
in honor of him we go every tuesday
this is very serious, just fyi!

the taco stand guy even knows who we are
are we loyal customers or what?

oh and these are pictures from right before

Saturday, March 6, 2010

the one with the coolest FHE ever!

so this is the first FHE
steven and i planned
i must say that this was his idea
and i just flushed it out and made it happen

we called it 90's night
pretty much reliving our childhood
we played mash and 
remembered our favorite things growing up

everyone was told to dress up,
then we judged groups on
a song [songs had to be released in the 90's]
and their list of childhood favorites

the downside to being in charge?
these are the only photos i took
i know i failed, and i haven't done much better

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