Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the one with another day of free food

so the last couple post have involved food
and i feel bad that i haven't mentioned that
all of that food, FREE
kellie and i were keeping track

but thanks to my beautiful mother
[check out her blog, it's in the side bar
and it's right here
careful though music starts when you open the page]
who told me it was national free pancake day
at ihop! so of course i tried to get people to go

the top left is another tale of BC kids we saw there
by the time we left we ran into three other tables of BC kids

michelle is kellie's rommate
winsor drove us cause he was the only one 
we could call at 10:30 and ask him to
take us to ihop for free pancakes

so my friend spencer here
decided he wanted another plate of free pancakes
SO against the rules
but he got them anyways

so we decided we would time him,
and in case you couldn't tell
he ate three pancakes in almost 1 minute and 40 seconds

oh and post script
my favorite part of the night?
watching the olympics on the tv at ihop

i miss the olympics!

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