Saturday, August 30, 2008

The one with a soccer game, a lost tooth, and a sleepover

My cousin ethan, not pictured we'll have to work on that, had a soccer game friday night. I took a book and read for awhile and then my cousins I had some fun!
work and the glory seven
sam's hat
take two
maddie and me silly one silly two
maddie, me, and emma
we were trying to take a picture of all of us
emma, maddie, sam and me
more maddie
featuring my shoe in the upper right hand corner
and then there was a hole
his tooth
getting ready for a hsm jump
it worked for me and sam!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The one with my fist trip to dicks in forever

So while at dicks I found some things I would like to share...
an orange float, one word-gross! I can handle a root beer float everyone and a while and those are good therefore do not fix something when it's not broken
sesame street cups! with lids and straws, they had characters on the lids
I wish I was kid again so I could have these!
just look at those ginormous cupcakes, they look so good! I want that pink dinosaur one, but I don't know about that price
don't let the picture fool you those are really big-the chocolate looking one has school sayings on it like good job and stuff and the orange one has carrot looking things on top
i personally love the crayon box ones, but the single crayons look good too! oh, when I saw these I thought of you sister ence!

The one with my cousins

Wednesday night we celebrated my birthday at grandma and grandpa great's house. I had fun just being with my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandrents! We had sandwiches from cutler's, oh so yummy!, and cake from dicks!
we had to retake cause of the finger
tanner and liza

The one with cake for me!

On tuesday night I had my birthday dinner, grandma's casserole! It was so good, I'm so glad I picked that. My request for the cake this year, a yellow cake with no frosting except for dad's piece(he loves yellow cake with chocolate frosting). It was perfect! I'm really going to miss them, I love you guys!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The one with people I admire

Monday afternoon my mother had an idea, lunch with women that I love from the ward for my birthday. I was all over it, lunch with people I love and admire and they would be there just for me! We called Sister Evans(my second mom, role model and previous employer), Sister Starbuck(how can you not love her?), Sister Johnson(one of my favorite young womens leaders and role model), Sister Fraser(riley's parent, and def one of the coolest people ever), Sister Coates(my favorite baby's mother, and I like her too, she's been my sunday school teacher since like the begining of time) and Sister Pew(altough she lives in texas we wanted her to be there with us, at least in spirit). We had lunch at Locos Amigos Cantina, it has the best spaninsh rice EVER! And I just got to sit there and soack up moments with people I love and will miss! They have become a part of me and leaving georgia, even though I was ready and had wanted to since I moved there, made me sad to leave a part of me there. Before Stephanie(sister fraser) got there she called, we'll somebody called on her phone. It was riley, my best friend! I was so glad she was coming! My dad surprised us, well mostly me, and was there saving tables for us! It was a great way to spend that day!
Sister Johsnon, Luke, and Megan
Sister Johnson, luke and megan hiding behind her mom
Stephanie and Emma
Sister Coates and Cully
take two
Sister Evans
this says it all

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The one when I give a plug for my other blog!

Crafts with S and E is having another giveaway! You should totally check it out, here's your only hint as to what the the giveaway is

The one with an explanation

So I don't have an explanation for the 21st through the 24th but I do have an explanation for not blogging yesterday. For years ago yesterday my oldest brother, Nathan, died. The 25th is always hard for our family. I didn't really want to do anything yesterday. I tried to stay away from blogs so that I would see my aunt's or my mom's. I just hate days like yesterday!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The one where I'm playing catch up!

So I have my groupwise e-mail, I called the help desk. I think almost everybody at LDSBC knows who I am by now and just wants me to graduate so I won't annoy them with my questions anymore! My housing papers got here yesterday! I was so excited, I almost did a backflip-til I remembered I can't do one! I filled out the roommate questionnaire gave them some of mom's money and put it in the mail box. I am so excited, I'm leaving in six days, SIX. I have one sunday left at home-that's all! Six days and I'm in salt lake! I'll be in utah for my birthday for the first time in seven years. I'll get to see snow, real snow for the first time in almost seven years. I made a fleece blanket for college, pictures are at crafts with S and E. My bedding's already out there, it's so cute i'll put pictures up when I get there, and a box I sent out in march. I have almost everything I want to take, it's all along one wall, well two. And that's just a little more than half of the shoes I'm taking, I have to have options! This is only the bare minimum of purses, they're all pilled directly on the ground. I had to bring some of my quotes, I have another container just like that, and it's packed. The boxes aren't really packed-I mostly just threw stuff I knew I was taking. And that bag in the bottom right corner has my towels that riley gave me! I was so excited, which reminds me I need to call her, but I digress. I have to fit everything in 5 suitcases or boxes! Now you might be thinking how am I taking that many, am I seriously going to pay the stupid fee for an extra bag? No way, well I might have to breakdown and pay one fee so I can have six but...i digress. My gramie, my mom and I will all be flying standby. And people flying standby still get two bags, yee haw! I think I can do it, hopefully, but to be safe I think I'll pray-maybe Jesus can help me pack! I babysat the Johnsons for the last time yesterday, it seem like just yesterday they were moving into the ward. I have come to love and appreciate this family so much! I'm glad Brother Johnson is my family's home teacher-knowing I am leaving my family with him as their home teacher makes things a little easier! I said goodbye to lots of people on sunday, we had stake conference. I got to hear my my favorite speaker of all time, President Brown! He's a professor at Auburn, he speaks really fast but has a big message so you have to pay attention. I am really going to miss his talks. I hate goodbyes, not seeing people that I love, not being able to just see them in the halls of church and say hey! It's no bug surprise that I have a hard time with change, I like consistency, I like to know that things are the same week to week. I guess this is one of the reasons I love the church so much-the gospel is the same here, in utah, austria, russia, portugal, everywhere! Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are always three separate beings. We still have a prophet who is on the earth, the priesthood is there. I have such a profound respect for the priesthood, I know that even when I am away from my dad that I can still get a blessing. I was having a really hard time at girls camp this summer and I was able to ask Brother Walker and my bishop for a blessing, I had never asked anyone but my dad for blessing. I was tired, feeling sick, and all alone and as soon as they started everything left. Listening to men I respect, look up to so much give me a blessing because they were worthy holders of the priesthood meant everything to me. I am so happy and grateful the priesthood had been restored and is on the earth today. I want to yell it to the world, but I would probably chicken out so this is it for now! This post def ventured from what it was intended to be, sorry about that!
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