Saturday, August 30, 2008

The one with a soccer game, a lost tooth, and a sleepover

My cousin ethan, not pictured we'll have to work on that, had a soccer game friday night. I took a book and read for awhile and then my cousins I had some fun!
work and the glory seven
sam's hat
take two
maddie and me silly one silly two
maddie, me, and emma
we were trying to take a picture of all of us
emma, maddie, sam and me
more maddie
featuring my shoe in the upper right hand corner
and then there was a hole
his tooth
getting ready for a hsm jump
it worked for me and sam!


Transitional Farr's said...

Happy Birthday college woman! You look like you are having a blast!

Lisa said...

Cute pictures of all of you lying on the glass. I love those. My kids got your letters today. SO CUTE! They felt very special. You're the best.

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