Sunday, January 31, 2010

the one where i can't say it out loud

my dearest readers (but mostly God),
i don't know how many of you know
but i don't have the best track record
with liking/getting along with roommates

mind you it wasn't always my fault
anna was just crazy and i wasn't gonna play
i did like linnea, i miss her
becca, great friend-bad roommate

i thought i had a good roommate
one that i would keep in contact for forever
have her at my reception

but i am starting to not like her
why am i so judgmental?
but i think this is a double sided thing

she's a little off, if you know what i mean
she means well...i think

so i will say
thank you Heavenly Father for making us all different
thank you for making me have to deal with people who drive me crazy
thank you for changing how i deal with people
but most importantly
thank you for the need to sleep
cause sleeping makes me forget how mad i am at people

good night! 
love, ellie

Thursday, January 28, 2010

the one with a photograph adventure

i ordered my camera on wednesday night 
got it monday morning, president's day
thank you fed ex for not taking monday off

so that whole day,
after i charged my battery,
after i got my lense,
after i got my cf card,
i was a maniac with a camera

i took pictures
of random places

i took pictures 
of the infamous trax

i took pictures
of my favorite place in salt lake

the one where i update, with pictures!

Apologies are in order for not posting yesterday,
I had troubles with my picture editing programs
But better late than never right?

I don't think most of you know but,
I was called to be the FHE co-chair
for weeks 1, 3 and 5 

The first activity I helped with was an ice cream social
no pictures :(
due tot the fact that I had no camera

But the first one I was sort of in charge of was ice skating
held by the stake presidency up at the U 

My stake president is the one making a funny face
He's such an amazing guy!
I loved listening to him speak in stake conference
and I can't wait for ward conference

The second counselor and the bishop are in the first picture
Brother Moritsen and Bishop Young

In case you couldn't tell by this point I was taking pictures like crazy
I was having so much fun too! 

I loved taking quick snap shots of friends.
mike is becca and i's like best guy friend
steven is the other co-chair for the FHE committee
brayden is a guy i met when i was giving tours of the college last spring
he's a pretty cool guy, except for the fact he's a U fan
wayne and I met at pre-new student orientation
michael makes class so much freaking fun,
and is an amazing DJ
dennis is pretty chill,we are both helping the music committe in the ward
until they have committee members
becca was a loser and didn't skate at all!
spencer is a new friend, but halee is one of my favorites
kaylee's pretty chill but I freaking love shareese!
we were in foundations of learning together and then mentors and ambassadors
chandel is another favorite!

but i have big news! huge in fact
mom will be proud, dad too!
no, i'm not engaged!
but while I was there I didn't fall once!
I was so proud of myself.

Well, we've come to the end! 
There's not much more to write tonight.
but I will update with pictures again soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The one where I realize something

So first of all people are stupid, me you-all of us we're stupid!
At least at one point or another.

But sometimes stupidity is inexcusable.
Like when you question leadership of the church
or horribly make fun of another's opinion.

Thank you for reading this rant.
There will be pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The one where I apologize and give a date

I apologize.
I haven't posted because it would have been just words,
NO pictures.
And that my friends, is boring.

Why no pictures you ask.
My camera was broken by the cutest little boy this summer.
Technically I could still take pictures,
I just couldn't see what I was taking.

The reason-
it was a nikon point and shoot with no view finder
just the LCD screen.

See that beauty?
That is what my new camera looks like!
I have found true love, the pictures are freaking amazing.

I got my camera yesterday morning in the mail, thank you FedEx!
I bought the body through
I got the lense, which is different than the picture, from this guy who posted on KSL
which for those of you who don't know is like craig's list but safer.

But I digress, so I got the lense for $45, such a steal!
But it gets better! He gave me a tripod, an extra lense and a bag for my camera,
for nothing!

It was such a blessing! I already have tons of pictures!
But because my laptop is stupid, I'm waiting til next week to do anything.

But I promise there will be a new post with pictures by 
january 27, 2010!

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