Sunday, January 31, 2010

the one where i can't say it out loud

my dearest readers (but mostly God),
i don't know how many of you know
but i don't have the best track record
with liking/getting along with roommates

mind you it wasn't always my fault
anna was just crazy and i wasn't gonna play
i did like linnea, i miss her
becca, great friend-bad roommate

i thought i had a good roommate
one that i would keep in contact for forever
have her at my reception

but i am starting to not like her
why am i so judgmental?
but i think this is a double sided thing

she's a little off, if you know what i mean
she means well...i think

so i will say
thank you Heavenly Father for making us all different
thank you for making me have to deal with people who drive me crazy
thank you for changing how i deal with people
but most importantly
thank you for the need to sleep
cause sleeping makes me forget how mad i am at people

good night! 
love, ellie

1 comment:

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Isn't life fun! You make me smile, you make me grateful I'm not in college, you make me miss me you terribly. Now go "change the names to protect the innocent"!

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