Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love, I'm doing this for love and love will see me through!

My new favorite musical is Legally Blonde, MTV showed it on TV and I DVR-ed it. I love the songs. In fact the title of this blog is a line from one of the songs. I also really like the Enchanted (it's that new disney movie with animation and reality) Okay so this is really lame, it's like i'm trying to find anything to write and I have nothing really. Oh, I could write about the fact that Shem is a total major pain in the butt. He didn't write much in his last letter, but he clearly said "I'm sorry I don't have much time today to write you a really nice letter but I promise I will write you next week!" and no letter in FIVE weeks. He said he was going on a hike with a member the next week so a little bit of me wondered if he got hurt on the hike, or even got lost and was still there. I know I am totally making this in to something big and it isn't but there is just that part of me that wonders. So like two months ago my MP3 player was stolen, my amazing Creative Zen Micro was gone. All my recordings of everything was gone...EFY, youth conference, Elder Wardle singing with the other missionaries, and Mo Tab from Music and the Spoken Word. I was really sad but, I'm getting a new one ral soon, it's in the mail in fact. It's a Creative Zen Micro Photo, which means it's the same as my old one but better! It as a color screen and I can put pictures on it. It shipped friday and it said three to five business days so that makes it arrive between today and friday I am so excited. I forgot, it also has 3GB more memory that my last one, for a total of 8GB. I can't wait to put my music on it. The bell's about to ring so laters!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The one where I...I...have nothing to really write

I'm in my advisor class and I have nothing to do, no homework to finish, no email to check(i already checked it), no daydreaming to do(i'm all out), and channel one isn't on yet. Well, I could talk about my art class, so art class it is. I love my art class, the students in their with me is another story-i'm the only senior so that should give you some insight. I love art, I didn't realize how much I enjoy it. I think I love painting the best, it just comes so natural. But my favorite pieces of art would have to be my creative line design, my line design with glue and chalk pastel and then my "metal" art. My creative line design was just a peice of 11x16 sheet of paper, and I took a sharpie to it and just started creating. Basically it's just one big doodle, but it's my big doodle and I am proud. At first this project was so hard for me-I am a very detail oriented person and all I wanted was for her to tell me what to do, so I guess I just wasn't ready to let my heart create I still wanted my mind to do all the work. Ms. Butler, my teacher, even kept my piece and is going to show it in the art show at the end of the year. My Gramie wants to buy it, money for college-yeah right what she's paying woun't even cover one book, college is going to be so expensive. Then there's my line design with glue and pastel chalk, it's loosly based on my creative line deisgn. This wasn't as hard as my creative line design, but it wasn't easy either. The color took my days to perfect, I hate being a perfectionist sometimes. Ms. Butler didn't keep this but I still ove it. Metal Art, how I love metal art. I really enjoyed this project. Cardboard, tin foil and india ink make the coolest metal. I was nervous about my design, I didn't think it was as good as the others, but then again I'm always hard on myself. I did things differently than most of them and was worried it would turn out horrible but it made it amazing. Ms. Butler kept this for the art show but I don't think i'll want to sell this, I think I like it to much.
Art is lies that tell the truth. -Piccaso

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The one where one act is almost over

One Act competition was today, we didn't place but that makes me happy-long story behind that train of thought. I have one more performance tomorrow night and then I'll be done! HOORAY!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The one where one act play is kicking my butt

Getting up early for seminary-1 hour of sleep Going to school early-an extra 20 minutes of sleep staying after school until 9-two hours of sleep doing great at one act competition-priceless I spend all my time at school, I swear. One Act Play Competition is going to be the death of me. Tech has worked so hard and the actresses and actors aren't doint their part. I hope we do well enough tomorrow, and I know I'm jinxing the play but, not well enough to go to region-just cause I am going to the FCCLA cluster meeting in Atlanta this weekend. I am ready to be done...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The one where I am so tired because of one act

The first performance for one act play at my school was yesterday, but I wasn't there seeing as I was in ATL for TOfW. So tonight I got there at quarter after five and was already tired from today but had to put on a real happy, I can do this attitude, cause I am the assistant stage manager. One act play is a competition, we have to move our props on, do our play, and move our props off in under 55 minutes. That's really short when you think about it. Last night is was over by a minute and something. Tonight we were under, with 52:11. Our tech and cast was so excited. Competition is tuesday.

The one where I go to my very first Time Out for Women

I loved it. I spent almost, well actually more than 24 hours with my mom. No brothers, no dad-I think that can constitute as heaven. Quite a few women from my ward and stake went. Sister Pickett was there, she's from the LaGrange branch and she and her husband are the high adventure specialists for girls camp. Sister Evans, she was my Young Women's president and my favorite person in the whole wide world, was there with her mom, sister, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. Sister Swain, the current Young Women's secretary, Sister Pierce, and Sister Eardley(i hope i spelled her name right), she's my new favorite person, were there along with Sister Starbuck and her mom or maybe it was her mother-in-law, I can't remember. I heard from Michael McLean, Jenny Oaks Baker, (another) Jenny (i can't remember her last name), Mary Ellen Edmund, Cherrie Call, Emily Watts, and two other guys and another girl but I can't remember their names right now. It was so cool. It was almost as good as EFY but I'm a little biased, seeing as I went to EFY first. I really liked seeing those amazing artists that my mom has made me listen to for years in person. (Don't let her know I like them though, that could ruin everything) It would be cool to go with mom next year.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The one where my car won't start

Yes that's right, my car would not start today after school. I was so mad, today was so not the day. Still no letter from Shem. I hope he's okay, he said he would be going for a hike on wednesday(as in last wednesday not yesterday) and the paranoid friend in me keeps thinking something happened to him on his hike. And I know that it would have been one of the big headlines in the news if it actually happened, it's just that he promised he'd write. I know he's on his mission and I should be the good friend and just be happy he's lost in the work but it is SO hard for me. I should work on being patient...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The one where halloween and i don't mix

Halloween has come, and almost gone. This year was horrible, not one single piece of candy. Three out of seven houses said that I was too old/should be bringing them candy. I went with a little girl who has down syndrome, she is the most adorable little girl I have ever met. Where has the world come to? This was my last halloween at home, with my family and those darn baptists made it horrible. In case you didn't know already the south has about a bajillion baptists and they don't really celebrate halloween...come on, it's all fun and games! Plus I swear that some of the houses I went to thought she was my child. That really made me mad, I lover abby but I am so not ready to be a mom. It feels like nobody thinks twice if a teenager is pregnant. I'm getting old......

The one where I start my blog

I would like to thank my aunt emily for introducing me to blog spot through her blog. I would also like to thank her for letting me steal (well she doesn't know she let me but whatev-we're family) the way she titles her blogs, i loved how she did it.
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