Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love, I'm doing this for love and love will see me through!

My new favorite musical is Legally Blonde, MTV showed it on TV and I DVR-ed it. I love the songs. In fact the title of this blog is a line from one of the songs. I also really like the Enchanted (it's that new disney movie with animation and reality) Okay so this is really lame, it's like i'm trying to find anything to write and I have nothing really. Oh, I could write about the fact that Shem is a total major pain in the butt. He didn't write much in his last letter, but he clearly said "I'm sorry I don't have much time today to write you a really nice letter but I promise I will write you next week!" and no letter in FIVE weeks. He said he was going on a hike with a member the next week so a little bit of me wondered if he got hurt on the hike, or even got lost and was still there. I know I am totally making this in to something big and it isn't but there is just that part of me that wonders. So like two months ago my MP3 player was stolen, my amazing Creative Zen Micro was gone. All my recordings of everything was gone...EFY, youth conference, Elder Wardle singing with the other missionaries, and Mo Tab from Music and the Spoken Word. I was really sad but, I'm getting a new one ral soon, it's in the mail in fact. It's a Creative Zen Micro Photo, which means it's the same as my old one but better! It as a color screen and I can put pictures on it. It shipped friday and it said three to five business days so that makes it arrive between today and friday I am so excited. I forgot, it also has 3GB more memory that my last one, for a total of 8GB. I can't wait to put my music on it. The bell's about to ring so laters!

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Emily said...

I'm working on it, I'll take a pic tomorrow! Love you!!!

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