Saturday, January 31, 2009

The one when I go to my first live game show

The contestants!
before the show started I had fun with sam and mom, zach and adella. just a little bit of the show four of the five or six couples. after the show the couples got dinner for free. i had tons of fun. becca and my friend shareese were contestants. Shareese won a date and had dinner. But the best part of the night was wlking home with sam and becca singing REALLY loud.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The one where 'you can have new clothes on a college budget'

  • Step one: look at things in a new way, like an apron
  • Step two: don't wear it the way you normally would
  • Step three: wear it without looking back!
Totally an apron! Aren't I just amazing? I know! Everyone loved it! And this cute guy even said I looked really nice today, ahhhhhh! p.s. raising the bar anyone?

The one where I go ice skating, again!

Let me set the scene. A young woman sitting in a singles ward, in the heart of Salt Lake, bored out of her mind, looks at the back of the program and sees that FHE is ice skating at the U! I was so excited! Now don't get me wrong but I'm kind of an ice skating snob. I didn't like this place much. By the time we got there, that's a whole other story that...ya know I chose to share. Being the good on time Mormon that I am, I got to the ride meeting place 10 minutes early, okay fifteen, so that I would not make anyone late. CJ kindly offered me and Becca a ride. We were already to go until this girl, who will remain nameless got in, and tried to be all cool with me- seriously...don't! I don't know you and your fake cool attitude is not gonna cut it. Then as we were pulling out of the parking lot dum and dummer said 'we wanna ride' and then once we pulled out of the parking lot told us-you need to go pick up our friend 'Tear-ace-ah' from her house. Dum and Dummer say what? So we went five blocks out of our way to go pick her up and then she made us wait for 15 minutes, okay 1o, for her to get her sorry behind out to the car. Then CJ didn't even know where we were going. So me being the most intelligent one within the drivers hearing range, and I'm so not exaggerating here, had to give directions, plus he was a HORRIBLE driver. So instead of getting there at like 5 til 7 we got there at like 7:30. Needless to say I was p.o.ed. Cause if you know me, you know that I do not have patience. Okay back to the real story here. So the ice once we got there was all shaved up, or whatever so it was way hard for me to skate, plus these skates didn't fit me all that well. So I was a crappy skater. My friend Jeremy, the one with the red hat, pulled me around the rink a couple times so I could have some fun! but now I owe him brownies. Then Becca's friend, David Burton gave us a ride home so we wouldn't have to deal with the crazies in the other car.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The one where what happens in provo stays in provo, unless i blog about it

So at my school, LDS Business College, there is a group of students called Mentors and Ambassadors. We had a retreat this weekend down in provo. We had so much fun. I got to know people that I hope to know better as the semester moves along. I took a good picture of brother adrian, two actually but I only included one in the collage. So late a night after a lot of people had gone to bed, including me they started to make a pyramid so i jumped out of bed and got in on the action.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The one where it's time to orientate!

On wednesday or maybe it was tuesday, I don't remember(and i know that's what i get for not blogging), I got a call from brother adrian-only the coolest teacher ever!!-saying that I was for sure a mentor and ambassador for LDSBC, did you get that sean ;). Needless to say I was WAY excited. The first thing I did as a mentor and ambassador was new student orientation on friday. I loved it, zach and kody were in the same group so it was great to be with them cause they are way amazing. We had about 20 new students in our group, i was gonna say kids but all but like two guys were older than me. Which is why I had been so nervous, here I am 18, it's only my second semester at college and i'm supposed to help these people that know more about life than i do. Can you say intimidating?
(hey i didn't pick the school colors!)
I did a lot better than I was expecting myself to do but still I wish I had said more but whatever, what's done is done. After we did the group breakouts we had lunch and then some of the mentors went to the planetarium, yawn in my opion but then again i don't like science. The others stayed at the school or left. I stayed at the school and helped register students for their classes and help the admissions and registration offices. I really enjoyed it for about the first 20 minutes and then it was boring and complicated and frustrating. The net id wasn't working or the student id wasn't working. I met some really nice people that I hope to get to know better through out the semester.
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