Saturday, January 3, 2009

The one where it's time to orientate!

On wednesday or maybe it was tuesday, I don't remember(and i know that's what i get for not blogging), I got a call from brother adrian-only the coolest teacher ever!!-saying that I was for sure a mentor and ambassador for LDSBC, did you get that sean ;). Needless to say I was WAY excited. The first thing I did as a mentor and ambassador was new student orientation on friday. I loved it, zach and kody were in the same group so it was great to be with them cause they are way amazing. We had about 20 new students in our group, i was gonna say kids but all but like two guys were older than me. Which is why I had been so nervous, here I am 18, it's only my second semester at college and i'm supposed to help these people that know more about life than i do. Can you say intimidating?
(hey i didn't pick the school colors!)
I did a lot better than I was expecting myself to do but still I wish I had said more but whatever, what's done is done. After we did the group breakouts we had lunch and then some of the mentors went to the planetarium, yawn in my opion but then again i don't like science. The others stayed at the school or left. I stayed at the school and helped register students for their classes and help the admissions and registration offices. I really enjoyed it for about the first 20 minutes and then it was boring and complicated and frustrating. The net id wasn't working or the student id wasn't working. I met some really nice people that I hope to get to know better through out the semester.


Will said...

hay i have a question. do you think dad is cool?

Chrystina said...

Go Ellie!! Hot stuff! I am so proud of you!! You went out and did it! Good job!!
By the way, I so LOVE Will's Q! What a booger!

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