Friday, November 30, 2012

day thirty

i'm thankful for...
airplanes and the delta app

i'm not so good when it comes
to road trips
i get bored!

i love flying
i get giddy!

dad and i flew to
philly today

and because of
the fly delta app
i could see what seats were open
and i got a whole row to myself
which meant i could lay down and sleep

Thursday, November 29, 2012

day twenty-nine

i'm thankful for...

because even when i'm 
most ornery
they still love me

and sometimes my brothers
and i may not
like each other
but we still love each other

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

day twenty-eight

i'm thankful for...
modern medicine

for the drugs
cause seriously,
when i'm hurt
i'm all about the drugs

but mostly for the 
amazing surgeries
like the one being performed
on my mom today

dr. leiland mcclusky
is operating on my mom's
fibula and tibula

we're so excited to
get mom on this
recovery path!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

day twenty-seven

i'm thankful for...
our friends

mom is kinda of a private person
and so when mom broke her bone
we didn't make a big deal of it

but little by little
and word of mouth
our friends have lifted us up
and have been so amazing!

and are giving my dad
and i such peace
since we'll be gone friday
through sunday

and leaving my mom
alone with my brothers
is kind of scary
but we know she'll be in good
hands with all our friends near
got the next two days

Monday, November 26, 2012

day twenty-six

i'm thankful for...
Heavenly Father's timing

sometimes i don't understand it
and i like to be in control
so you can understand
my often frustration with my Heavenly Father

now this doesn't mean i don't love Him
it just means i'm frustrated

but sometimes i get a glimpse
of my Heavenly Father's timing

it's been hard for me
to understand why it was right
for me to move back home when i did
and why i haven't gone on a mission yet

but i realized why i'm still here
mom broke her fibula and displaced her tibula
late wednesday night

and with us getting ready
for BIG changes
[more on that december 1]
having mom down for the count
is no good at all

without me to help
everything would be falling apart right now

and i'm so thankful
for Heavenly Father's timing
that i could be here to help

Sunday, November 25, 2012

day twenty-five

i'm thankful for...
my talents

i know i sound so humble
but being sick for the past two months
has made many things i usually do
not options

i like to sing
in my room, in the shower,
in the car, at church,
pretty much anywhere

and i've been coughing
and hacking for months
so that doesn't really lend itself
to helping anyone sing

today i had to lead music
in primary
and i sounded like a dying frog

and i was so thankful i had a gift
and sad that i couldn't use it
and even more sad
when i realized i'd only used it
to benefit myself

but i'm going to use it to 
benefit others
so i guess i'm gonna
my ward choir

Saturday, November 24, 2012

day twenty-four

i'm thankful for...
cultural customs

earlier today i was driving with zac
and we saw a funeral procession
like from the funeral home to the cemetery

and i love that people in georgia
and at least people in utah
pull over

i love the sign of respect
and sorrow it shows

i didn't notice it before nathan died
and i hadn't really gave it any thought
but now it makes me cry
because it sucks

i hate that we're members of
the dead family member club
no one should have to join it

but i love that we support others
through one of their toughest moments

Friday, November 23, 2012

day twenty-three

i'm thankful for...

this week has brought
additional chaos to our home
we've torn apart
all three of our full baths

like down to the sub flooring

we're pretty excited
but we knew it was going to be lots
of work and cost lots of money

but we have great friends
who have willingly offered their
knowledge and man power

right now
my dad, will, zac,
rhett tucker, and curtis allen
are upstairs
working on two of our bathrooms

we are so grateful
for our friends
and for Heavenly Father's hand
in bring us into each other's lives

in other news:
i went black friday shopping 
for the first time ever
it was so much fun!

i got such an adrenaline high
and i only bought a couple small things
i mostly went to see my friend, riley, 
and her mom, stephanie, do it

i almost body checked 
someone over a kids kitchen
steph was getting it for
her youngest girls
and i was not gonna let her down

and riley saw a fight breakout
over a regular priced vacuum
i kinda wish i would have seen it

Thursday, November 22, 2012

day twenty-two

i'm thankful for...

i love watching
the thanksgiving day parade
while trying to make homemade butter
and baking with my mom

and at the end of the day
i love sitting down
to a great family dinner

this year we celebrated
with other families
which was a fun change

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

day twenty-one

i'm thankful for...
the priesthood
and priesthood blessings

in my church
worthy men are able
to hold the priesthood
the bible dictionary defines it as

"mediator between His people and God"

priesthood holders use this power
to bless the lives of others
one of the ways they can
is by giving blessings of healing

it is a blessing with at least two
priesthood holders
and they ask God,
if it would be his will,
to heal the person they are blessing

i've been sick since about
the fifth of october
i've done multiple rounds of
antibiotics, stronger and stronger
each time

and for awhile, i feel better
and then i'm sick again
and worse this time

i finally realized
that i can't do this by myself
or with the help of my doctor alone
i needed my Heavenly Father's help

so with the help of my home teacher,
who is priesthood holder, 
generally not related to you
but also in your congregation,
to help look after your family,
my father gave a priesthood blessing of healing

i have faith
that this blessing will work
and i will get better

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

day twenty

i'm thankful for...
.my wonderful mother

when i'm sick,
takes amazing care of me

[at least most of the time]

but no, really, she's amazing
and i don't know where
i'd be without her

Monday, November 19, 2012

day nineteen

i'm thankful for...
Moe's $5 burrito nights

because that hit the spot tonight
it was great to go out
and eat with my mom
and brothers

Sunday, November 18, 2012

day eighteen

i'm thankful for...
my amazing, smart, chill
primary class!

they teach me something new
each and every week!

but i love that
if my week was crazy
and i didn't prepare
the best lesson
they roll with it

and they love playing games
and love having fun

it might help that i bribe them
and that i bring
treats almost every week

Saturday, November 17, 2012

day seventeen

i'm thankful for...
glimpses into the future

when i babysit the coates
i feel like i can feel myself
being a mom one day

i love the feeling i get
after i've fed them dinner
given them baths
and i'm cleaning the dishes
and they're playing

it feels perfect

now i'm under no illusion
that life will really be like that
but i still love it

Friday, November 16, 2012

day sixteen

i'm thankful for...

i find myself forgetting
what my brother looks like
and i hate myself for it

this is why
i am SOO thankful
for photographs

i can see us
all happy together
and it feels
like i get to glimpse

Thursday, November 15, 2012

day fifteen

i'm thankful for..
eternal families

it gives me such piece
to know that i can be with
my family again

that i will see my brother
and my grampa, 
and my great grama and great grampa
my grampa great

and all my other family
i never got to meet
on this earth.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

day fourteen

i'm thankful for...

i love that i can jam out to it
and it makes me happy

i love that it can describe
any feeling i'm feeling!

i just wish i was better
at recreating it

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

day thirteen

i'm thankful for...
the blessing from my Heavenly Father

we've been cleaning out
our house, like majorly!
and we've decided that
we are just going to give away
things we don't want

and we prayed
that by doing this
that ways would be opened
to things that we needed

Monday, November 12, 2012

day twelve

i'm thankful for...
my many callings

primary teacher [valiant 11]
ward missionary
cub scout den leader

i may not love them all the time
but i'm thankful for them
because they give me something to do
and something to look forward to
and something to be proud of

Sunday, November 11, 2012

day eleven

i'm thankful for...
the men and women
and their families
of the military

their sacrifices
make it possible
for me to have freedom

and i'm especially grateful for this one
my grampa great was set to deploy the day after d-day
he heard about the invasion over the radio
at a fairwell party

Saturday, November 10, 2012

day ten

i'm thankful for...
pain relievers
and ice packs

sometimes when i go to
the chiropractor i'll be a little sore
or have a tiny bit of an ache

but last night
my right hip was not happy
and it has been killing me
ever since

see the thing is
my back is all messed up
because my right hip
is higher than my left hip

and so we're trying to get
them back into balance
and my right hip
is not going down without a fight

Friday, November 9, 2012

day nine

i'm thankful for...
a washer and dryer

being in college without a washer
or a dryer for awhile
i became so thankful for the ones
i had at home all growing up

in the last 48 hours
i've done about 6 or 7
loads of towels

we're cleaning and purging
in preparation for a big event happening
here at our house
(you'll have to wait to find out)

and we needed clean towels
so we could see what we have,
what we could get rid of,
and what we needed to organize

Thursday, November 8, 2012

day eight

i'm thankful for...

somedays i may not be thrilled
to be a sister
but i sure do love my brothers
and couldn't imagine a life
without them

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

day seven

i'm thankful for...
my right to vote
i made my voice heard

i may not agree with
the choices america made
but i will pray for our president
that he may do God's will
and not his own

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

day six

i'm thankful for...
the mail

i'm thankful for the service
it's amazing that i can mail a letter
or a package
and have it get to the other side of the country
within a week, most times.

today i mailed post cards to one grama
and a care package to another.

and remember
our nation needs a change, and every vote counts!

Monday, November 5, 2012

day five

today i am thankful for...
my doctor
and antibiotics

the thursday before general conference
i got really sick
i haven't been this sick in years
by monday i was ready to die

so i went to the doctor
and lo and behold
i had an upper respiratory infection

i'm still trying to kick it
but i'm on my second round of antibiotics
and i'm feeling a little better

and a little better is a big deal right now!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

day four

today i'm thankful for...
sacrament meeting
but specifically fast sunday sacrament meeting

i'm thankful for the
members of the ward
who stand and bear their
testimony, their very special testimony

i love the spirit
that enters the chapel

i love being reminded
that it's okay if i'm not perfect
because we all are working on something

Saturday, November 3, 2012

day three

i'm thankful for...
but especially that i have two
less than three hours away

today i get to go to the temple
to do baptisms for the dead
with my brother will
and a group of youth from my ward.

i'm thankful that my family
was sealed for time and all eternity
in the temple.

Friday, November 2, 2012

day two

i'm thankful for...
kleenex cool touch tissues
seriously, they are amazing!

 i've had a cough and a runny/stuffy nose
for almost a month now and
my nose is super red and dry
and it hates tissues now

but these,
these are heaven sent!
they are cold to the touch
like you've been keeping them in the fridge
and make your nose feel better

Thursday, November 1, 2012

the one with the days of thanks giving

this month
i've decided to share my thanks
every day.

day 1
i'm thankful for..
being sick,
at least today i am.

but there's a reason,
i'm thankful because
it reminds be how thankful
i am when i'm healthy.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

the one with the day i feel old

that's right
i feel old

not in real life
but in mormon world
okay, maybe in real life too

today we sat in front of this missionary
and by we i mean my favorite kids,
their parents, and my parents

and the babies were mesmerized
and he was playing peak-a-boo
and smiling with them
and just being sweet

and then he bore his testimony
and he was cute

after sacrament meeting
we talked
he's been in the field three days.

holy freaking cow!
i'm older than like 98% of elders

hi, my name is ellie, and i'm feeling old

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the one with baby chicks!

i like chickens for just a short time
i like them when they are babies and
so super adorable!

after they get big
and aren't cute to hold
i'm done, i don't want anything to do with them
well, until i get the eggs

this is peyton
but her nickname is Aphrodite, 
or afro for short 
(since she has a litte afro)
i know she has a nickname for her nickname
get over it!

this is smalls
his brother died today
it was kinda sad

big brother (see previous post) was here today
but i didn't know how to tell him
so i told him brother of smalls was sleeping
it was very sad

and feeding time is so cute!
they get stuck in their feeder
and just sit in there
just relaxing
until they finally come out

more pictures to come!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the one with my babies

okay so they're not really my babies
but i love them, like tons,
and i see them almost everyday
and they're practically family

this is chunckers
and he's reaching for bbq
the child has great taste

this child hates naps, with a passion
and not even 45 minutes later after
our amazing lunch
he was out cold. 

and his new favorite thing
is peek-a-boo
and he has the loudest, cutest laugh

this is baby girl
she alwasys has the cutest outfits,
thanks to her gorgeous mother!
and she's so mild mannered and easy going
we're two peas in a pod

and they play so well together
she helps roll him around
and he eats her shoe

and this is the cutest big brother!
he loves tv
loves my phone
and loves pretending to be to be french artists with me
we even had mustaches, nbd!

Friday, January 20, 2012

[pinterest] craft day, or weekend

my friend krista organized this craft day last weekend
after much drama they were ready to go around 9
but my lazy behind didn't get there til 11
and then i was hooked so i kept crafting
all weekend and into the week

the inspiration for this was a set of four blocks
but all my wood was being used for something else
and i found these super cute, small canvases

i found this on pinterest and fell in love
super easy and fun to make
this one's for mom

i started this at craft day with elmer's glue
cause that's what the pin said
 but it's a lie! use fabric paint
it's easier, dries faster and more fun

i painted this one too
but i didn't write the quote til later
i'm addicted to filling my life with good quotes
and i loved this from the help

so i don't remember what i thought it was
but i looked it up and i loved it!
it reminds me to listen to the holy ghost
and not argue or rationalize why not to listen

i found this quote and i really liked it
and i wanted to have it up for me to see it

i had this canvas that i painted a long time ago
but i didn't like it, i thought it looked crappy
so i took this opportunity to repaint it
my plan was just to make it white,
and it was so dark that it took three coats
and then my plan was just to make grass
but my blonde came out and
instead of mixing blue with yellow
i mixed it with white
and after i did the green i didn't want to mess it up
so for now this is what it looks like

i have some more but i don't want
to show it before i give it to people
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