Friday, November 23, 2012

day twenty-three

i'm thankful for...

this week has brought
additional chaos to our home
we've torn apart
all three of our full baths

like down to the sub flooring

we're pretty excited
but we knew it was going to be lots
of work and cost lots of money

but we have great friends
who have willingly offered their
knowledge and man power

right now
my dad, will, zac,
rhett tucker, and curtis allen
are upstairs
working on two of our bathrooms

we are so grateful
for our friends
and for Heavenly Father's hand
in bring us into each other's lives

in other news:
i went black friday shopping 
for the first time ever
it was so much fun!

i got such an adrenaline high
and i only bought a couple small things
i mostly went to see my friend, riley, 
and her mom, stephanie, do it

i almost body checked 
someone over a kids kitchen
steph was getting it for
her youngest girls
and i was not gonna let her down

and riley saw a fight breakout
over a regular priced vacuum
i kinda wish i would have seen it

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