Saturday, April 25, 2009

The one where it is the time for catch up!

Life has been busy...more like I haven't made time to blog, sorry about that! But I'm catching up now. Caryn had a birthday that I was invited, I had so much fun! It was at the spaghetti factory in trolley square. Then I rushed my butt over to the conference center for josh's mission call. Our friend jason works on the cleaning crew for the conference center and pulled some strings for him. It was amazing to be in the hall of the prophets as he opened it, and as far as jason's supervisor knows he is the only one who has opened his mission call in the hall of the prophets. acting finals, emily and i did a scene from clueless. i had so much fun and she wasn't to bad of a partner. I went to a sister missionary prep session. I met this really cool girl named Patience Bush, she's way freaking cool! And then when I flew home we sat next to each other on the way home. We had so much fun talking and sleeping on each other. I had moved everything the day before and hadn't gone to bed until the wee hours of the morning. FORMAL! Jason asked me to give him a reason to go to formal, jason is kinda * right above the star. I tried to give him other reasons and then it hit me, ask him ifi could be his reason. It worked, we had so much fun with our friends, there were about fourteen of us all thogether. I got to see a lot of my friends, they all looked great. Josh tried to dance, he actually did pretty well. Will, gosh I trust will a whole freaking lot(he lead me blindfolded through a mouse and trap maze). Candace got asked by our friend david to formal and it was so sweet, she looked beautiful! Jason thought he would be finny and take a picture of me while I was dancing. Mark, what else can I say? Adella and Jenn in the background def made the picture. Jenn, I freaking love her! She is amazing, she is such an example to me, I want to be like her when I grow up. There's the end of the catching up!
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