Friday, June 27, 2008

The one where I am thinking this could be fun

So I was bored and looking at blogs and I found this site called It's for people who's blog is pretty cool, like mine, but don't really get attention. My loyal followers are family and friends so you don't count(jk, you know I love you all)-I'm talking about the ones that you've never met before, they found your blog and are now religious followers(0ne can hope right?) You should check it out its pretty "fye"

The one where I reveal another secret

When I am bored I look at other people's blog. It's kinda fun sometimes, like one day I found a blog called the tip junkie-it's pretty cool you should check it out. But the blog is turning one year old and they're doing a 20 day giveaway, cool right? So you should so check it out!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The one where I steal from Sister Johnson

So sister johnson wrote on her blog one hundred, one-zero-zero, things about her. I read it and while I was I kept thinking I could never do this-I want to prove myself wrong it is-
  1. I like to eat crescent dough, the pillsbury kind
  2. When I'm cooking in the kitchen all by myself, I like to pretend I have my own cooking show
  3. I compare myself to people way too much, which is why I have a low self-concept
  4. I write songs, sometimes
  5. I love falling asleep to rain-I will go to bed early just so I can fall asleep to rain on my window, and the cd sounds just don't cut it
  6. I love to lay in my bed and look at the moon out my window and think about the man of my dreams
  7. I already know what I want to name my kids
  8. I save text messages forever, and then usually I'll write them down in my journal
  9. I love babysitting-I would even turn down a date to babysit
  10. EFY is my favorite part of the year
  11. My greatest fear is that I will not get married and have kids before I die
  12. I love snow, i would sleep in it if i could be warm
  13. I have always wanted older brothers and sisters
  14. My hot chocolate is uber chocolate-ty
  15. I am probably the pickiest eater you'll ever meet
  16. My love languages are Receiving Gifts and Words of Affirmation
  17. I love watching my brother play baseball
  18. I love to sleep in
  19. I wish I could redo high school
  20. I spend too much time on facebook
  21. I don't like the beach, i'd much rather go to a pool
  22. I'm a procrastinator and a slacker
  23. I stay up late instant messaging on facebook and texting
  24. I love missionaries
  25. I was born on my due date
  26. I love taking naps
  27. I love reading
  28. I have always wanted to be a teacher
  29. I feel this great responsibility to get married soon so my great grandparents can at least see one great grandchild get married-the next oldest is will
  30. I don't want to get married til after college so my parents will pay for my education
  31. I was born in SLC, Utah
  32. My favorite ice cream is Graham Central Station from Brusters
  33. I love daises because of the Mormonad poster
  34. I love earings, but i always forget to put them on
  35. I don't stick up for myself
  36. I have a hard time finishing a journal, I always move on to a new one
  37. I used to turn on Clay Aiken's Measure of a Man CD while I read Harry Potter at night so my parents would think I was asleep, so now whenever I hear the CD I think of Harry Potter
  38. I have a hard time getting rid of things
  39. I love sprite (not seven up, sierra mist or any of the impostors)
  40. I have to sleep with two pillows and I have to be holding something
  41. There are three kinds of girls-the girl that gets the guy, the best friend and just a friend, I'm just a friend
  42. I have over 30 purses and almost as many pairs of shoes
  43. I'm pretty sure I have OCD
  44. I like to scrapbook, but I have to be in the mood to get anything done
  45. I love ice water in glass glasses
  46. I love the way they serve soda at the olive garden-green tinted glasses with a black straw, it just seems so elegant
  47. I always think of some witty remark I could have said in a situation hours later
  48. I love tubing, but I hate getting thrown off-I have a phobia of lakes
  49. When people would tell me I looked like snow white I would say "I not 'now white I mychel"
  50. I have real big trust problems, as in trusting others
  51. I watched american idol this season religiously
  52. I have some amazing dreams and I always write them down in my journal
  53. I got really scared watching signs and the village, I know-I'm a whimp and I'm okay with that
  54. I have to add extra raisins to my rasin bran
  55. I would rather text than talk
  56. I failed my learners permit test the first time I took it, but passed my driving license test the first time I took that
  57. On Sundays I wear my church clothes all day long
  58. When I go to subway I get a ham foot long on white with the monteray cheddar, lettuce, tomato and cucumber (and I make them clean their knife before it goes on my sandwich)
  59. My mom says my catch phrase is "it tastes funny"
  60. I love taking pictures
  61. I wish I would have been a cheerleader
  62. I took art 1 my senior year of high school and really liked it, and I got tons of art supplies for christmas
  63. My favorite holiday is my birthday
  64. Whenever I go anywhere, like a field trip or a vacation, I always try to bring something back for my family
  65. I could eat top ramen forever
  66. My favorite colors are brown and pink
  67. I hate picking blueberries
  68. I have thought of running away, more than once
  69. I really hate loading the dishwasher, it makes me sick
  70. When I had braces and I went to the orthodontist my mom and I would go to sonic afterward, get lunch and then I would go back to school
  71. I've never been on a date
  72. I wish my hair was naturally straight, I hate it curly
  73. I collect ribbons to go in my hair
  74. I hate cleaning
  75. I like my room to be cold and then have lots of blankets on me
  76. I sing in the shower and make up routines to the songs
  77. I love to read the latest and most read news on fox news
  78. I love listening to music REALLY loud
  79. I'm a trend setter
  80. I like watching old shows that my mom Hogan's Heroes and Mission: Impossible
  81. I want to do the College Program at Disney World
  82. I'm going to LDSBC for business background and then I am going to go to BYU for early elementary education
  83. I am really picky about my water-deer park and park city water are the best then my reverse osmosis water but I can't drink Disney World water
  84. I sing random ad jingles all the time
  85. I did a news casting thing at school my senior year and loved it
  86. I had the chicken pox four times
  87. I had no comfort toys or blankets as a baby
  88. I used to make doll beds all over the house as a kid
  89. I went to 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools
  90. I have live in Utah, Arizona, Florida and Georgia
  91. I was home schooled for second and third grade
  92. My brother's and my birthday's are six months apart Me-August, Nathan-February, Will-August, Zac-February
  93. My first airplane ride was at four months and the first time I flew alone at 12
  94. I used to pray for lots of sisters and one brother
  95. My first solid food was a banana(which I learned how to spell from gwen stephani)
  96. I had braces in 6th and 7th grade
  97. I used to have my hair cut like Anne Marie in all dogs go to heaven
  98. I used to watch Cops with my dad and I would say "Down the gound, down the gound, hands behind you back"
  99. I learned to walk on my first birthday
  100. I am always dancing
Yeah it took me over a week to do this. Well, that's all I have for this post so...laters!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The one where it's a miracle!

Anyone that knows me, I mean really knows me, knows that I am a picky eater! Usually I use the "oh, I'm not hungry" excuse if I don't like the food, even when I am starving. I was at the Hanna's yesterday for my mom's book club and I was really hungry and then she brought out these sandwiches which just from what I could see I knew I wasn't gonna like it. So I gave the "oh, I'm not hungry" excuse. After everyone left she reminded my mom of dinner tonight and she ask if Venezuelan food would be okay. My mom was all like sure, while me in my my head was like oh, great I'm going to have eat before I come. When we go there everything smelt great so I was all like this might actually be good. When we sat down I decided I would try at least a little bit of everything. And OMGosh! It was amazing, there was only one thing I didn't like. I loved it, I could have eaten everything there all by myself! I want my mom to get the recipes so bad. Seriously for me to like almost an entire meal I had never had before is a miracle!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one where I am thinking that I have a lot of things to pack

So I am almost done with my AE and so I am really starting to pack (I'm shooting for leaving on the fifteenth, oh well American Idol Live tour). I have 65 days left at home, how did this happen how did I go from a cute sunbeam that wanted to wear dresses everyday to seminary graduate that loves jeans? How did I go from being dependent on my parents to independent? Sometime last fall, I think it was, my Uncle Mike said wouldn't it be cool to live life backwards? I didn't think so at the time but now I wish I could. I want to go back to when a big grade consisted of drawing a picture, I want to go back to when I would be carried around. Why do we not cherish our youth? Why do we want to grow up so fast? I remember one day I was putting on glitter for make-up and my dad told me to stop and said "you'll grow up fast enough!" Why didn't I listen to him? But seriously I have so much stuff to pack! I don't know how I am going to get it all out there. I'm flying and there is no option of driving. I really don't want to have to send all of my stuff out there cause that would cost a fortune. So I'm thinking, I will be flying home with nothing so that I can take lots of things back to Utah. Well I'm off to pack a box before I go to bed! p.s. sean you should read the comment i wrote you on my last blog

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The one where I am thanking Sean

Nobody had commented on "The one where I wonder what has happened to society?" and "The one where miles isn't getting time with me!" so when I posted "The one where..." I didn't expect a comment. But when I signed on after I woke up, checked my blog and saw a comment I wanted to see who loved me. To my surprise a guy who is an admissions counselor at LDSBC, Sean, commented on my blog and gave me some great advice. I tried to write on his blog or at least try to get his e-mail or some way of thanking him but blogger said "profile not available." I want to thank him but there is no way to do it. So I am hoping he happens on my profile again and reads this because I am so grateful for what he said. I hope I can meet him in person when I go out to LDSBC and thank him.

The one where...

I've been looking at my blog for the last twenty minutes...what to write is my question. I just can't figure out a topic, I just don't know. There we go finally I have a topic-I don't know. Life is getting harder as this summer continues. High School is over but college has yet to begin-I'm in between and starting to think of that one song Brittany Spears sang that went something like this: i'm not a girl not yet a woman (please help me, shoot me for even thinking of those lyrics) Where so I stand-I feel out of place in Young Womens and SO out of place in Young Single Adults, although I did meet a really nice guy though but that's besides the point(and he's out of my league). Where do I belong? Where should I be, maybe I should just go hang with my mom in primary(there was a primary jamboree, took place in the [flat rock] primary-insideout a capella) I don't know what to do about guys. Awhile ago I had decided and then accepted that God didn't want me to have a boyfriend cause I thought nobody liked me in that way...then Jason and Miles came along. The verdict is still out on Jason's part-I can't ask because I'm afraid he might not feel the same way I do. I know Miles likes me now but he kinda missed the boat-I don't like him the way I used to(i'm over his eyes, i'm over his games-katharine mcphee) the below blog. I was at lunch with Kate last week and I was telling her about this(she doesn't like Jason, she thinks he's sketchy but whatev, and so she pretty much roots for anyone that isn't him), I told her about God not wanting me to have a boyfriend and what she said has been making think "Well, now you have to accept that his plan changes" or something similar to that. And anyone who knows me knows that change and I aren't best friends. [I just took my hair out of a ponytail and smelled my hair, let me just say I love herbal essences, now back to what I was talking about] We just don't get along which is why I won't marry someone in the military-I moved around enough as a child. I'm not officially into LDS Business College yet and my family won't stop breathing down my back. How do you write an essay stating why you should get in with out sounding like an arrogant brat? It's not like I'm scared or anything, it's an open admissions college. I tried to write it and sent to my Uncle Markham to edit cause he said he would and he hasn't sent it back yet which is kind of starting to freak me out. I just don't know what I want with college, I want to go to LDSBC but then again I don't. I just don't want this summer to end because if it does than I have to face reality and it's harsh. I don't want to go to college and be all on my own, for years I thought I was ready but now that's it's close I see that I am not. Why did I take for granted all those years as a small child when life was easy and all I did was show up? I realize that this blog is getting long so I will end and although I am so unsure of many things I do know that I love you, and I am so thankful that God has put you in my life(and while I am saying these things For Good-Wicked starts to play in my mind). I hope I can stay in touch with you when I leave for Utah.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The one where Miles isn't getting time with me!

So there is this guy miles and here's the history-met him at the beginning of school, became friends, then sort of liked him, then started liking someone else, second semester we had two classes together and spent 3 and a half hours together everyday(that includes RNN), I helped him in spanish and he flirted with me and I kinda flirted back. Three days after graduation he texts me to tell me he likes me and wants to 'hang out' later that i talk to him and tell him i can't considering that I leave for girls camp the next day. Now that you're caught up...we tried to make plans for this weekend but things didn't work out. We were originally gonna go to a movie-but considering he's not a member i thought that might not be a good idea if I just want to go as friends. So then I suggested going to a local indoor arena football game-he said he didn't know(come on I knew what he meant) so I tried to find someone who would go with us with no avail. So when Sister Evans called on thursday to babysit friday I jumped at the chance, my reasoning-you snooze you lose. Then while I was on my way to ATL Sister Johnson called and left a message, she asked me to babysit this afternoon. So I called her yesterday and said I would love to. So until today, after I started this blog, I hadn't talked to Miles since wednesday. He wants to do something but I'm all booked! Oh well, I don't feel that bad-if he had really wanted to do something he would have acted faster.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The one where I wonder what has happened to society?

How old do I look? Seriously now do I look old enough to have a child? This week while my mom was in Maine I watched Cully Coates and no joke about 25 people came up to me and somehow made a reference that he was my child. Are you kidding me? I'm seventeen , just graduated high school and you think I'm a mom! What happened to our society? Seriously now, come on any teenager is not ready to have a child we all know that. I was talking to my mom and my Aunt Lindsay is only six years older than me, my mom would take her to the store when she was little and everyone would say is this your sister? Why can't people ask me if I'm his big sister? Did the media and the entertainment put these ideas in our head, telling us that it was just a fact of life that teenagers have kids this young and we should just accept it. I for one stand up and say no-teenagers aren't ready for one kid let alone more. I watched Blake and Matt Evans while I had Cully yesterday, let me say that is a very effective form of birth control. I'm not ready to have three boys going in all different directions, doing laundry, feeding them and trying to keep them happy all day everyday. Don't get me wrong, I want kids just not now. I want kids when I'm married to my husband in the temple. I want kids when we'll be prepared, when we both know that it will be tons of work but it will be worth it.
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