Saturday, June 7, 2008

The one where Miles isn't getting time with me!

So there is this guy miles and here's the history-met him at the beginning of school, became friends, then sort of liked him, then started liking someone else, second semester we had two classes together and spent 3 and a half hours together everyday(that includes RNN), I helped him in spanish and he flirted with me and I kinda flirted back. Three days after graduation he texts me to tell me he likes me and wants to 'hang out' later that i talk to him and tell him i can't considering that I leave for girls camp the next day. Now that you're caught up...we tried to make plans for this weekend but things didn't work out. We were originally gonna go to a movie-but considering he's not a member i thought that might not be a good idea if I just want to go as friends. So then I suggested going to a local indoor arena football game-he said he didn't know(come on I knew what he meant) so I tried to find someone who would go with us with no avail. So when Sister Evans called on thursday to babysit friday I jumped at the chance, my reasoning-you snooze you lose. Then while I was on my way to ATL Sister Johnson called and left a message, she asked me to babysit this afternoon. So I called her yesterday and said I would love to. So until today, after I started this blog, I hadn't talked to Miles since wednesday. He wants to do something but I'm all booked! Oh well, I don't feel that bad-if he had really wanted to do something he would have acted faster.

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swainsRus said...

SMART WOMAN!!! He snoozed, the Elle-train moved on! Plus you said it right, he is NOT a member and you date one non-member and then the next one is easier to date.

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