Friday, June 6, 2008

The one where I wonder what has happened to society?

How old do I look? Seriously now do I look old enough to have a child? This week while my mom was in Maine I watched Cully Coates and no joke about 25 people came up to me and somehow made a reference that he was my child. Are you kidding me? I'm seventeen , just graduated high school and you think I'm a mom! What happened to our society? Seriously now, come on any teenager is not ready to have a child we all know that. I was talking to my mom and my Aunt Lindsay is only six years older than me, my mom would take her to the store when she was little and everyone would say is this your sister? Why can't people ask me if I'm his big sister? Did the media and the entertainment put these ideas in our head, telling us that it was just a fact of life that teenagers have kids this young and we should just accept it. I for one stand up and say no-teenagers aren't ready for one kid let alone more. I watched Blake and Matt Evans while I had Cully yesterday, let me say that is a very effective form of birth control. I'm not ready to have three boys going in all different directions, doing laundry, feeding them and trying to keep them happy all day everyday. Don't get me wrong, I want kids just not now. I want kids when I'm married to my husband in the temple. I want kids when we'll be prepared, when we both know that it will be tons of work but it will be worth it.

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swainsRus said...

Sad is it not??!
My mom had Rhiannon, my sister, my senior year of high school so I was 18 when my youngest sis was born. It amazed us how many people would ask me q's about her when we were out and when my mom answered they looked surprised! People just assumed me to be the mom and my mom to be the grandmother. I was already freaking out that my mother was having a baby when I was 18 yrs old and then throw that into it. I had a hard time with all of it then. But now, it is the sad norm!

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