Sunday, May 25, 2008

The one where I salute our troops!

Often we hear people not supporting our troops at war, and that makes me mad. They put their lives on hold to serve our country and defend our freedom. When young men, right out of high school, sign up to defend your freedom of speech and you take it and show you have no support for them...that's just not right! My friend Caleb is off to Marine Boot Camp in a couple weeks, my friend Jason is going to ranger school in August and living in a ward that has half of Fort Benning in its boundaries has made me support and respect our military even more. I don't want any of my friends, like Brother Shillig, Mike Arner, Brother Israel, Brother Harper, to get deployed but if that's what happens then I will support them in whatever way they want me to. And to those civilians that think we should pull out now, we're in now and if we pull out that will make them think they have won. We're in and like it or not we have to stay until we get the job done, that's the way its got to be. And the sooner you support out troops the better because they need all the support they can get. Sorry that turned into a rant but it needed to be said. We'll I'm off to camp tomorrow, I'll be back saturday night

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Shillig 1 Family said...

You go Mychel-Anne! I agree with you totally. Have fun at camp. Love you. I'll see you in a month... when I'm back from all my vacationing.

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