Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The one where I am thanking Sean

Nobody had commented on "The one where I wonder what has happened to society?" and "The one where miles isn't getting time with me!" so when I posted "The one where..." I didn't expect a comment. But when I signed on after I woke up, checked my blog and saw a comment I wanted to see who loved me. To my surprise a guy who is an admissions counselor at LDSBC, Sean, commented on my blog and gave me some great advice. I tried to write on his blog or at least try to get his e-mail or some way of thanking him but blogger said "profile not available." I want to thank him but there is no way to do it. So I am hoping he happens on my profile again and reads this because I am so grateful for what he said. I hope I can meet him in person when I go out to LDSBC and thank him.


Fleischmann's Daddy said...

The one where I'm saying "no problem"...

Hi Ellie,

I'm so glad I could help!

BTW - I just created my Blogger account. I'm new to this stuff so any helpful hints would be great. My posting name is Fleischmann's Daddy. Don't worry, that isn't my son's real name, just an old joke.

Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way. My work email is sfarris@ldsbc.edu

Take care,


Ellie said...

The one where I reply to Sean on my own blog cause he hasn't posted anything

So I was going to leave you some tips but you haven't posted soo... Put a picture of yourself up so people know who you are. Write whatever you feel like writing and it's good to post pictures, i'm just a slacker but I will have some up soon.

Oh and I should hope that isn't your son's name cause I would feel so bad for him...my legal name is Mychel-Anne (like Michael).

How did you find my blog, just wondering?

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