Saturday, June 21, 2008

The one where I steal from Sister Johnson

So sister johnson wrote on her blog one hundred, one-zero-zero, things about her. I read it and while I was I kept thinking I could never do this-I want to prove myself wrong it is-
  1. I like to eat crescent dough, the pillsbury kind
  2. When I'm cooking in the kitchen all by myself, I like to pretend I have my own cooking show
  3. I compare myself to people way too much, which is why I have a low self-concept
  4. I write songs, sometimes
  5. I love falling asleep to rain-I will go to bed early just so I can fall asleep to rain on my window, and the cd sounds just don't cut it
  6. I love to lay in my bed and look at the moon out my window and think about the man of my dreams
  7. I already know what I want to name my kids
  8. I save text messages forever, and then usually I'll write them down in my journal
  9. I love babysitting-I would even turn down a date to babysit
  10. EFY is my favorite part of the year
  11. My greatest fear is that I will not get married and have kids before I die
  12. I love snow, i would sleep in it if i could be warm
  13. I have always wanted older brothers and sisters
  14. My hot chocolate is uber chocolate-ty
  15. I am probably the pickiest eater you'll ever meet
  16. My love languages are Receiving Gifts and Words of Affirmation
  17. I love watching my brother play baseball
  18. I love to sleep in
  19. I wish I could redo high school
  20. I spend too much time on facebook
  21. I don't like the beach, i'd much rather go to a pool
  22. I'm a procrastinator and a slacker
  23. I stay up late instant messaging on facebook and texting
  24. I love missionaries
  25. I was born on my due date
  26. I love taking naps
  27. I love reading
  28. I have always wanted to be a teacher
  29. I feel this great responsibility to get married soon so my great grandparents can at least see one great grandchild get married-the next oldest is will
  30. I don't want to get married til after college so my parents will pay for my education
  31. I was born in SLC, Utah
  32. My favorite ice cream is Graham Central Station from Brusters
  33. I love daises because of the Mormonad poster
  34. I love earings, but i always forget to put them on
  35. I don't stick up for myself
  36. I have a hard time finishing a journal, I always move on to a new one
  37. I used to turn on Clay Aiken's Measure of a Man CD while I read Harry Potter at night so my parents would think I was asleep, so now whenever I hear the CD I think of Harry Potter
  38. I have a hard time getting rid of things
  39. I love sprite (not seven up, sierra mist or any of the impostors)
  40. I have to sleep with two pillows and I have to be holding something
  41. There are three kinds of girls-the girl that gets the guy, the best friend and just a friend, I'm just a friend
  42. I have over 30 purses and almost as many pairs of shoes
  43. I'm pretty sure I have OCD
  44. I like to scrapbook, but I have to be in the mood to get anything done
  45. I love ice water in glass glasses
  46. I love the way they serve soda at the olive garden-green tinted glasses with a black straw, it just seems so elegant
  47. I always think of some witty remark I could have said in a situation hours later
  48. I love tubing, but I hate getting thrown off-I have a phobia of lakes
  49. When people would tell me I looked like snow white I would say "I not 'now white I mychel"
  50. I have real big trust problems, as in trusting others
  51. I watched american idol this season religiously
  52. I have some amazing dreams and I always write them down in my journal
  53. I got really scared watching signs and the village, I know-I'm a whimp and I'm okay with that
  54. I have to add extra raisins to my rasin bran
  55. I would rather text than talk
  56. I failed my learners permit test the first time I took it, but passed my driving license test the first time I took that
  57. On Sundays I wear my church clothes all day long
  58. When I go to subway I get a ham foot long on white with the monteray cheddar, lettuce, tomato and cucumber (and I make them clean their knife before it goes on my sandwich)
  59. My mom says my catch phrase is "it tastes funny"
  60. I love taking pictures
  61. I wish I would have been a cheerleader
  62. I took art 1 my senior year of high school and really liked it, and I got tons of art supplies for christmas
  63. My favorite holiday is my birthday
  64. Whenever I go anywhere, like a field trip or a vacation, I always try to bring something back for my family
  65. I could eat top ramen forever
  66. My favorite colors are brown and pink
  67. I hate picking blueberries
  68. I have thought of running away, more than once
  69. I really hate loading the dishwasher, it makes me sick
  70. When I had braces and I went to the orthodontist my mom and I would go to sonic afterward, get lunch and then I would go back to school
  71. I've never been on a date
  72. I wish my hair was naturally straight, I hate it curly
  73. I collect ribbons to go in my hair
  74. I hate cleaning
  75. I like my room to be cold and then have lots of blankets on me
  76. I sing in the shower and make up routines to the songs
  77. I love to read the latest and most read news on fox news
  78. I love listening to music REALLY loud
  79. I'm a trend setter
  80. I like watching old shows that my mom Hogan's Heroes and Mission: Impossible
  81. I want to do the College Program at Disney World
  82. I'm going to LDSBC for business background and then I am going to go to BYU for early elementary education
  83. I am really picky about my water-deer park and park city water are the best then my reverse osmosis water but I can't drink Disney World water
  84. I sing random ad jingles all the time
  85. I did a news casting thing at school my senior year and loved it
  86. I had the chicken pox four times
  87. I had no comfort toys or blankets as a baby
  88. I used to make doll beds all over the house as a kid
  89. I went to 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools
  90. I have live in Utah, Arizona, Florida and Georgia
  91. I was home schooled for second and third grade
  92. My brother's and my birthday's are six months apart Me-August, Nathan-February, Will-August, Zac-February
  93. My first airplane ride was at four months and the first time I flew alone at 12
  94. I used to pray for lots of sisters and one brother
  95. My first solid food was a banana(which I learned how to spell from gwen stephani)
  96. I had braces in 6th and 7th grade
  97. I used to have my hair cut like Anne Marie in all dogs go to heaven
  98. I used to watch Cops with my dad and I would say "Down the gound, down the gound, hands behind you back"
  99. I learned to walk on my first birthday
  100. I am always dancing
Yeah it took me over a week to do this. Well, that's all I have for this post so...laters!

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