Wednesday, November 21, 2012

day twenty-one

i'm thankful for...
the priesthood
and priesthood blessings

in my church
worthy men are able
to hold the priesthood
the bible dictionary defines it as

"mediator between His people and God"

priesthood holders use this power
to bless the lives of others
one of the ways they can
is by giving blessings of healing

it is a blessing with at least two
priesthood holders
and they ask God,
if it would be his will,
to heal the person they are blessing

i've been sick since about
the fifth of october
i've done multiple rounds of
antibiotics, stronger and stronger
each time

and for awhile, i feel better
and then i'm sick again
and worse this time

i finally realized
that i can't do this by myself
or with the help of my doctor alone
i needed my Heavenly Father's help

so with the help of my home teacher,
who is priesthood holder, 
generally not related to you
but also in your congregation,
to help look after your family,
my father gave a priesthood blessing of healing

i have faith
that this blessing will work
and i will get better

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