Monday, November 26, 2012

day twenty-six

i'm thankful for...
Heavenly Father's timing

sometimes i don't understand it
and i like to be in control
so you can understand
my often frustration with my Heavenly Father

now this doesn't mean i don't love Him
it just means i'm frustrated

but sometimes i get a glimpse
of my Heavenly Father's timing

it's been hard for me
to understand why it was right
for me to move back home when i did
and why i haven't gone on a mission yet

but i realized why i'm still here
mom broke her fibula and displaced her tibula
late wednesday night

and with us getting ready
for BIG changes
[more on that december 1]
having mom down for the count
is no good at all

without me to help
everything would be falling apart right now

and i'm so thankful
for Heavenly Father's timing
that i could be here to help

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