Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the one with baby chicks!

i like chickens for just a short time
i like them when they are babies and
so super adorable!

after they get big
and aren't cute to hold
i'm done, i don't want anything to do with them
well, until i get the eggs

this is peyton
but her nickname is Aphrodite, 
or afro for short 
(since she has a litte afro)
i know she has a nickname for her nickname
get over it!

this is smalls
his brother died today
it was kinda sad

big brother (see previous post) was here today
but i didn't know how to tell him
so i told him brother of smalls was sleeping
it was very sad

and feeding time is so cute!
they get stuck in their feeder
and just sit in there
just relaxing
until they finally come out

more pictures to come!

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