Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the one with my babies

okay so they're not really my babies
but i love them, like tons,
and i see them almost everyday
and they're practically family

this is chunckers
and he's reaching for bbq
the child has great taste

this child hates naps, with a passion
and not even 45 minutes later after
our amazing lunch
he was out cold. 

and his new favorite thing
is peek-a-boo
and he has the loudest, cutest laugh

this is baby girl
she alwasys has the cutest outfits,
thanks to her gorgeous mother!
and she's so mild mannered and easy going
we're two peas in a pod

and they play so well together
she helps roll him around
and he eats her shoe

and this is the cutest big brother!
he loves tv
loves my phone
and loves pretending to be to be french artists with me
we even had mustaches, nbd!

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