Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The one where I...I...have nothing to really write

I'm in my advisor class and I have nothing to do, no homework to finish, no email to check(i already checked it), no daydreaming to do(i'm all out), and channel one isn't on yet. Well, I could talk about my art class, so art class it is. I love my art class, the students in their with me is another story-i'm the only senior so that should give you some insight. I love art, I didn't realize how much I enjoy it. I think I love painting the best, it just comes so natural. But my favorite pieces of art would have to be my creative line design, my line design with glue and chalk pastel and then my "metal" art. My creative line design was just a peice of 11x16 sheet of paper, and I took a sharpie to it and just started creating. Basically it's just one big doodle, but it's my big doodle and I am proud. At first this project was so hard for me-I am a very detail oriented person and all I wanted was for her to tell me what to do, so I guess I just wasn't ready to let my heart create I still wanted my mind to do all the work. Ms. Butler, my teacher, even kept my piece and is going to show it in the art show at the end of the year. My Gramie wants to buy it, money for college-yeah right what she's paying woun't even cover one book, college is going to be so expensive. Then there's my line design with glue and pastel chalk, it's loosly based on my creative line deisgn. This wasn't as hard as my creative line design, but it wasn't easy either. The color took my days to perfect, I hate being a perfectionist sometimes. Ms. Butler didn't keep this but I still ove it. Metal Art, how I love metal art. I really enjoyed this project. Cardboard, tin foil and india ink make the coolest metal. I was nervous about my design, I didn't think it was as good as the others, but then again I'm always hard on myself. I did things differently than most of them and was worried it would turn out horrible but it made it amazing. Ms. Butler kept this for the art show but I don't think i'll want to sell this, I think I like it to much.
Art is lies that tell the truth. -Piccaso

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