Friday, March 19, 2010

the one with a night of fun at lyle's

so it all started with a waffle party
and it was good, i loved the waffles
but it was boring so kellie and i
started a party in the hall

a mini party of people we liked ensued
and then we decided we wanted grilled cheese
so we were about to head out when we invited spencer
spencer decided he would drive us

we stopped at walmart for supplies
and then we went to lyle's apartment

one of us went to use lyle's bathroom
we were grossed out to say the least

so before any one of us would use the bathroom
we had to clean it, it was that bad-promise
but just fyi, it wasn't his fault
it was his three roommates

then the grilled cheese amazingness started
no joke, his grilled cheese are amazing
even better than mine

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