Friday, March 12, 2010

The one with the church history museum

not gonna lie
i was not excited for this FHE
why? cause i wanted to be active
and have fun not see a bunch of old stuff

but kellie and i had a photography adventure
with cameras in tow
we took pictures left and right

steven apparently doesn't like his picture being taken
being his co-chair, i'm going to make that change
the pear up there is the russian initials for CTR

on the 'boat' and 'dock'
fyi-pioneers also traveled by boat
i think i would rather stick with land
brother nielsen's wife and marli mouritsen
and brother nielsen and bishop young

there were a bunch of art pieces
just about the last supper,
i happened to only take pictures of two

would you like to know who is speaking
at general conference in april?
that's right, me and kellie!

the top pulpit is a replica of the one in the conference center
and the bottom one is a replica of the one that
used to be used in the tabernacle

but i have saved the best for last
drum roll please...

so the museum has a kids section
kellie and i just happened to find
the best part-dress up!
there are so many more pictures from it
if you're on facebook, they're there

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