Thursday, February 18, 2010

the one where you're going to want tissues

january 30, 2010
i was at my aunt's house
i was doing homework, a shocker i know
while she was blog jogging

she started to cry and i asked if there was anything i could do
she shared this story with me
at the time there was no happy ending
he was in the hospital and we didn't know if he'd make

february 14, 2010
while at my aunt emily's for dinner
she started a video for my gramie to see
her whole family had already seen it

i came in and recognized faces
and went over to see this miracle
[play video now]

february 19, 2010
seeing this still makes me cry
the orange at the end really makes me lose it
orange was nathan's favorite color
every time i see it i think of him

a little part of me wanted to ask why nathan wasn't here
but i knew Heavenly Father has a plan
and i can't even start to understand it
and for now, i'm okay with that

1 comment:

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Your daddy said and feels almost exactly the same.

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