Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the one with the ugly sweater dance

so not the most exciting dance ever
but great opportunity to take pictures

becca in halee's car on the way to the dance
marilyn, my 'mother' here at school
and bradley practicing his model pose


alex duty, marilyn's brother-in-law
derek was dancing, at least i hope that's what he was doing
nathan christensen, best ugly sweater of the night
and justin, just incredible throwing the peace

david burton, one of my favorite people
i want to marry the guy in the blue shirt
why? because he managed to somehow get into most of my pictures
and later told me i looked good that night
my friend mark was teaching krystal how to breakdance

the music was tons better than the halloween dance
but i just didn't feel in the dancing mood
zach and michael were pretty much in charge the whole night
brother matt tittle, dean of student life, stopped in to say hi up there
oh, we're facebook friends too

i don't know the two guys on the left side
but the guy in the red shirt is in my doctrine and covenants class
his name is zech, he's pretty cool
michael and kiya mcConnell are dancing in the top pciture
in the third picture is my friend michael oakford


mostly just becca and halee dancing


steven myers, such a funny guy
matt polifka and his friend ran a photo booth
it was so much fun
and it was zach duty's idea, he's married to marilyn and his brother is alex

will has always been a really good guy
sitting with me at devotional so i wasn't all alone
leading me through a hecka scary maze
and now he's dating my relief society president

important news
all my editing is a pain with out a proper mouse
so that's why it's taken me so long but
thanks to my favorite mother int he whole entire world
who is sending me a package 
i'm getting my mouse back, so tons more posts coming soon

1 comment:

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Box getting full. Just waiting for one more addition I can pick up tomorrow night then the mouse and few other goodies/surprises are on their way. One have to skype us while you open it....promise?

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