Friday, March 26, 2010

the one when i have a lot on my mind

we are going to break from pictures
there are things i want to share
things i really like
things that make me cry
things that make my day better

we are going to start with
natalie norton [link's in the side bar]
she is amazing photographer and one day, i hope to be like her.

i found her blog through mormon in manhattan
[once again, link's in the side bar]

natalie had a beautiful baby boy on october 24 last year
and on january 7 Heavenly Father 
decided it was time for him to come home

she talks about it in her blog
and i see how it has affected each
and everyone of her family members and friends

i wish i had found her blog earlier
i wish i could have flown to hawaii
[where she lives, and yes i am jealous]
and helped in any way i could have

here are a couple of the posts that really hit me

1 comment:

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Angel Daughter...i love you! From now on though, I need a special warning when you're going to put me through an emotional wringer.

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