Thursday, March 25, 2010

the one with survivor

my aunt emily
check out her blog in the side bar
or here
has survior parties every thursday
and i was so lucky as to be invited

if you haven't been following it, it's okay i haven't either
it's an all-star season
with heroes vs. villains

and who is my favorite hero-colby of course
i remember it was third grade i think, and he was on that season
whitney v., i won't put her last name but i soo remember it,
and i were walking home from school and we were talking
about how cute we thought he was

favorite villain? rob, i love his wife amber 
and he's not that much of a villain to me

but who cares, i know you want to see the pictures

the pictures of griffin and sam are my favorite
liza is such a goofball

so when survivor started i was holding griffin
i needed to move cause my foot was falling asleep
so i set griffin down on the couch
he looked so cute so we left him there

less than five minutes later he was leaning on ethan's shoulder
and once again he looked so cute so we left him there

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