Monday, March 15, 2010

the one where it's valentine's day

so sue me,
i'm just over a month behind
but i am catching up!

the day started with church
and then kellie and i picked gramie up from the airport
and because i am me i have pictures
and i had kellie hold a sign for her

sorry they aren't the clearest but
it's not like i could reenact it

with gramie in tow we headed to gramie's to drop off our stuff
and then pick up grama and grampa great
i drove them, i think they are learning to trust me

then to sarah's we went

just some favorites
i really like the pictures of grama and grampa great

griffin is definitely one of my favorite babies ever!
i must say i love tanner, libby, eliza and ethan's pictures
it's just something about them

then we were off to emily's for dinner
or the final preperations for dinner
and then dinner

josh's dad was there too,
although i don't know how i didn't get a picture of him

overall, not a bad valentine's day

1 comment:

FarrEver Family said...

You do look like you are living up the college life. It is over before you know it, so have a great time. You are welcome to come and visit whenever you would like. We would love to have you to dinner some time.

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